• A camper claimed to have found an alleged UFO crash site in England
  • A portion of the forest had been flattened in the video he recorded of the site
  • A spokesperson for government agency Forestry England believes strong winds caused the trees to fall

A man who was camping in a forest in England claimed to have stumbled upon an area that he believes was destroyed by an alien vessel that crashed. The video captured by the man showed a large area in the forest that was flattened by an unknown force.

Ben Landricombe, a landscaper from the city of Plymouth in Devon, England, was camping with his dog on Monday. They were in a forest near the border of Devon and Cornwall.

As Landricombe and his dog were trekking along the forest, they came across a site filled with trees that have fallen on the ground. In the video taken by Landricombe, the area appears to have been flattened.

Interestingly, the trees did not look like they were chopped from the base. Instead, many of them appear to have been uprooted while others were cut from the top.

Due to the appearance of the area, Landricombe claimed that a UFO or alien vessel might have crashed in the forest. Landricombe also noted that he felt something was watching him while he was in the area.

“Found a crash site in the woods – could be UFO. I stopped to take the dog for a walk in the woods today as we’re camping. They were snapped at the top – that was what I thought was strange,” he told Plymouth Live.

“We took the pictures and then felt someone was watching us and heard weird sounds so we ran back to our camper,” he continued. “Something strange about this place.”

Although the exact events that happened in the forest are still unclear, a number of YouTube users who viewed Landricombe’s video believe that a tornado may have caused the destruction in the area. After viewing the clip, a representative from the government agency Forestry England noted that strong winds might have caused some of the trees to fall.

“The ‘alien crash site’ near Meddon actually looks like ‘windblown’ to us,” the spokesperson told Unilad. “This happens when trees are destabilized by strong winds and the first ones to fall can topple their neighbors in a dramatic domino effect.”

A general view of the atmosphere during the FOX's "The X-Files" UFO sighting and premiere episode screening at The Grove in Los Angeles, Jan. 22, 2016. Tommaso Boddi/WireImage Via Getty