amanda bynes
Amanda Bynes would benefit from conservatorship, mental health expert Steven Horen said. Reuters

Former child actress Amanda Bynes, who is believed to be going through a rough patch judging by her bizarre tweets, dressed down in track pants and donned a blue wig during a court appearance in New York on Tuesday.

Bynes was accompanied by her attorney, Gerald Shargel, and she mumbled and smirked to herself during her court appearance. Bynes, however, refused to talk to the media, the New York Daily News reported.

Bynes faces three charges -- reckless endangerment, attempted tampering with physical evidence and unlawful possession of marijuana -- stemming from an incident back in May when she allegedly tossed a bong outside her Manhattan apartment, the report said.

Bynes got into trouble when the manager of the apartment building she was staying in called the cops on her, stating that she was rolling a joint in the lobby. Bynes, who had gone to her room when police officials arrived, is said to have flung a bong through the window of the apartment allegedly to destroy evidence.

This is Bynes’ second court date following the bong-tossing charges, and the next hearing has been postponed to September 26, the Daily News said.

The ‘She’s The Man’ actress, who was active on Twitter hours before her court appearance, did not mention the hearing, but took the opportunity to target rapper Drake on the microblogging site.

"Drake Has An Ugly Face," she wrote, but deleted the post later, Fox News reported. But early Wednesday, she once again launched a series of attacks calling him ugly.

“Drake Has Ugly Downward Facing Eyes,” Bynes tweeted, following it up with “Drake Stalks Me But Isn't Following Me On Twitter He's Ugly And I Won't Stop Making Fun Of His Ugly Face! I Laugh @ Every Photo I See Of Him.”