Amazon delivery drivers will stop at nothing to get customers their parcels on time, not even a bear blocking their way. A tense encounter shared online showed an Amazon delivery driver come face-to-face with a giant black bear wandering in California.

The encounter was caught on the security camera of the homeowner, Joshua Morgan, CTV News reported. The video showed a black bear wandering inside the gated driveway seconds before the Amazon delivery driver walked up to the gate.

As the gate opens, the homeowner warns the delivery person using the two-way talk feature on the intercom after the motion sensors were triggered by the animal wandering in the property.

"Stop right there! There is a bear right there! Can you hear me? That’s a bear. Back away," Morgan could be heard saying in the video.

The giant bear then climbs on top of the fence and walks toward the gate. But as the video shows, the encounter was anything but tense, at least for the Amazon driver.

The man calmly raises both hands to make himself appear larger and scared the bear. The animal jumped off the fence and walked away from the property.

The Amazon driver then walked in through the gates and completed the delivery without any further incidents.

According to Morgan, bears, coyotes and mountain lions often wander into his property, WGXA reported. As towns and cities in California grow, encounters with bears and other wildlife are becoming more frequent in number. But, black bear attacks on humans are rare.

"If you encounter a bear in your yard, chances are it will move on if there is nothing for the bear to forage," the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said on their website.

"Given the great numbers of people visiting and living in bear country, bears exhibit a high degree of tolerance to humans," the wildlife Department said. But, they warn that "prevention is better than confrontation."

Last year, a 17-year-old girl heroically fought off a mother bear from her fence in California after it repeatedly swatted her pet. The girl pushed the bear off the ledge, picked the dogs and ran to safety.

Representational image of a black bear. Lake Tahoe's Hank the Tank recently broke into a home and his fate hangs in the balance as DFW officials mull options after the bear's capture. pixabay