• Amber Heard's reactions to Johnny Depp's audiotapes in 2016 were revisited
  •  The actress rolled her eyes and smirked while listening to Johnny Depp's accounts
  • Amber Heard denied slamming the bathroom door onto Johnny Depp's head even though she apologized for it 

Amber Heard had the strangest reactions while listening to her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s audiotapes.

In the recording, Heard admits to clocking Depp on his jaw. The “Aquaman” star could also be heard admitting to striking Depp’s head with a bathroom door before punching him in the jaw.

While listening to the audio recordings this week, Heard was seen smirking, rolling her eyes, and she also nibbled on cookies. The video of Heard was taken in 2016 during a deposition after their bitter divorce.

In the audiotapes, Heard denied slamming the door into Depp intentionally but she apologized for deliberately hitting her ex-husband.

“I just reacted and I’m sorry. It’s below me,” she said.

After the recording was paused, Heard was given the opportunity to explain her side.

“I was trying to escape from a room where Johnny was attacking me. And in order to escape, I was trying to get onto the other side of the door attempting to close the door and he was attempting to get in, despite my attempts to try and escape an assault,” she explained.

Blair Berk, Depp’s rep, asked Heard why she felt the need to apologize to the actor if she didn’t intentionally hit him. Heard then says that the tape misrepresents what actually happened between them at that time.

“I’m trying to keep him out of, and then he runs the door over my toes trying to get into the room. I tried to push him out of it, which is what the hit is that is referred to. And Johnny, whenever he was hit or touched at all, referred to it in these ways of punching or clocked or whatever. And whether you discussed it with him or not, the last thing you do in talking to him afterward or trying to reconcile with him is to get into what the definition of those words mean to him,” she said.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, photographed outside a court in Gold Coast, Australia, on April 18, 2016, have reportedly reached an agreement in both their domestic violence and divorce cases. Getty Images