• Amber Heard took a swipe at her critics on Instagram
  • Online users want Amber Heard to be removed from "Aquaman" movie
  • Online users want Amber Heard to be removed from L'Oreal's commercial

Amber Heard has taken a swipe at her critics amid her ongoing legal battle with Johnny Depp and the petition to remove her from “Aquaman.”

Heard and Depp separated in 2016. However, their legal battle is still on going after she accused her ex-husband of being abusive and violent. The issue made headlines when heard’s audio recording leaked where she confessed that she started their fight and she hit her.

Heard’s confession changed the narrative of her split from Depp. Many have shifted to support the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor. In fact, several wanted her to be removed from superhero flick “Aquaman.”

However, Heard just ignored the critics and even took a swipe at them. In her most recent post on Instagram, Depp’s ex-wife shared an old photo where she is wearing a Valentino swim cap.

“Wow, still raining LA? Should I bring out the Valentino swim cap?” she wrote in the caption.

Heard wore the Valentino swim cap at the premiere of “Aquaman” in London in 2018. She used it as an accessory for her Valentino couture gown to channel her oceanic character Mera in the film, Harper's Bazaar reported.

Heard made the post amid the petition from online users wanting her to be removed from the movie. Many felt bad after Disney dropped Depp from the franchise following Heard’s allegation that he was abusive and violent. After hearing Heard’s confession that she hit her husband, many wanted her to lose her projects the way Depp did after her allegations.

“Petition to recast Amber Heard as ‘Mera’ in ‘Aquaman’, abusers have no place in the film industry! So who will be the fittest substitution of Amber Heard to portray Queen Mera in Aquaman 2? Maybe,Dakota Johnson would be a great choice to replace her.She's hot but quite shy HAHAH.,” @ibcig wrote on Twitter.

“Hey DC, throw away the whole amber heard and just cast me instead,” Ally Kay wrote nominating herself for the role.

Meanwhile, several online users also petitioned that Heard be removed from L’Oreal’s commercial. Many were irked after Heard was listed as an actor and humanitarian in the ad when she beat and ridiculed Depp.

“Calling Amber Heard a ‘Woman of Worth’ is the ultimate insult to her victims and L’Oreal should be ashamed!” @queenbpip opined.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard seems to have a new man in her life. Pictured: Amber Heard attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 6, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images/Frazer Harrison