• Amber Heard's L'Oreal commerical criticized
  • Netizens want Amber Heard to be removed as L'Oreal's spokesperson
  • Johnny Depp said Amber Heard has a history of domestic violence as the abuser not the victim

Amber Heard’s L’Oreal commercial was slammed by her critics.

Johnny Depp’s ex-wife remains visible in Hollywood and this doesn’t sit well with a lot of netizens after her audio recording confessing that she hit the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star leaked. Many want her to be removed from her current projects and so her new ad with L’Oreal is facing a slew of criticisms on Twitter with one even calling her “abusive” and “liar.”

“Imagine watching tv and seeing your abuser getting portrayed as a ‘humanitarian’ Triggering and heartbreaking right? Well that happens to Johnny Depp and his family every time they see the L'Oreal add featuring their abuser Amber Heard @LOrealParisUSA STOP GLORIFYING ABUSERS!!” @MyGrindelwald wrote.

“Why is Amber Heard listed as Actor and Humanitarian in this L’Oréal ad? Does ‘humanitarian’ also stand for beating up and ridiculing Johnny Depp?” @mrRuimy added.

“Calling Amber Heard a ‘Woman of Worth’ is the ultimate insult to her victims and L’Oreal should be ashamed!” @queenbpip opined.

“Can someone pls explain why Amber Heard is still considered a humanitarian in L'oreal's commercial? That psycho deserves to be in jail,” @better_lanning wrote.

Aside from attacking Heard, many were disappointed with the brand. In fact, some are calling others to boycott L’Oreal for supporting an alleged abuser.

“Apparently, the backlash they are receiving on Twitter hasn't been enough. #BoycottLoreal,” @MBanana_Hammock reacted.

“No one in my circle of family or friends will be purchasing your company's products until you #FireAmberHeard because we will not be supporting an abuser. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #BoycottLoreal,” @LayniLaCroix added.

“You seriously played an Amber Heard commercial during the Oscars? Seriously? #BoycottLoreal #JusticeforJohnnyDepp,” @JanaLesemotte wrote.

A petition to remove Heard as L’Oreal spokesperson has already started. According to Hillary Deanna who started it, the “Aquaman” star misrepresented herself and the “Me Too” movement. Also, the actress is not a good role model for girls and women.

In related news, Depp said in a court document that Heard has a history of domestic violence but not as the victim. Heard was reportedly the abuser. She allagedly assaulted her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree that led to her arrest.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard has rekindled an old romance. The actress is pictured attending The Art Of Elysium’s 11th Annual Celebration on Jan. 6, 2018 in Santa Monica, California. Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images