Amber Rose is showing son Sebastian off in adorable photos of the pair spending time at the pool. "Lovin Sebastian up in the pool #Bash" she wrote as a photo caption. Sebastian is dressed in a white and yellow onesie along with a blue bandana.

Rose and her fiancé, Wiz Khalifa, married in July, four months after Sebastian was born. “Me and Amber got married today. Weddings this fall. Thought I'd let yall know [sic],” the rapper announced on Twitter. Rose, 29, added, “Yay me & my Baby are officially married!!! Happily ever after.”

It had been speculated for months that they were secretly married, and Rose frequently referred to Khalifa as her “husband” in tweets and during impromptu interviews with the paparazzi.

And though Rose has not lost all the weight she gained from her pregnancy, she certainly is not letting that keep her from showing off her new body.

Rose recently admitted that she weighed 202 pounds at the peak of her pregnancy, though people were unable to tell because of her height -- she tops 5’7”. Now, she's working out for an hour-and-a-half each day with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins to lose the extra weight. She has already lost 30 pounds but admits it's a challenge.

“It's hard to get off baby weight. It's a different kind of weight, because for nine months you stretch your stomach out, and then it's hard to get that back. I'm working on it,” she told "E! News."

Meanwhile, she recently spoke about Sebastian to MTV. "Bash is doing really well. He's the size of a 6-month-old and he's only 4 months," she said. "He's above average in his height. You know Wiz is like 6' 4'' and I'm like 5' 9,'' so he's a big boy. He's healthy and he's laughing now, he's doing really great."