“Lodge 49” Season 2 ends tonight with its finale episode, but, beyond that, what does the future hold for the AMC series? Has it been renewed for Season 3 or canceled after two seasons?

Unfortunately for fans of the dramedy, the fate of the show is still up in the air.

Last year, the network renewed the show for Season 2 ahead of its Season 1 finale, but AMC hasn’t done that this time around. While that doesn’t necessarily mean a cancellation is on the way, the show’s ratings aren’t making a good case for a Season 3 renewal.

“Lodge 49” Season 1 earned a 0.1 average rating in the 18-49 demographic and 413,000 weekly viewers, according to TV Series Finale, but those numbers are much lower so far for Season 2. Currently, without the numbers for its finale episode because it hasn’t aired yet, the show is averaging a 0.05 rating in the demo and 200,000 weekly viewers.

lodge 49 season 3 news
Sonya Cassidy as Liz Dudley in the “Lodge 49” Season 2 finale. Michael Moriatis/AMC

Since AMC hasn’t yet announced its decision, there's still a chance for the show to continue. So, how can fans help it get renewed for another season?

“WATCH TONIGHT. Go and watch Season 1 on Hulu,” executive producer Paul Giamatti wrote on Reddit during his Ask Me Anything on Monday. “Watch it in as many places as you can. Tell your friends. Tell your family. Any social media. Write AMC. Skywrite. ANYTHING.”

While fans wait for news about a possible Season 3, there’s still the Season 2 finale (episode 10), titled “The Door,” to watch tonight. The episode finds the Lynx regrouping and getting ready for a big coronation at a revitalized Lodge. Plus, “Liz [Sonya Cassidy] goes for a swim [and] Connie [Linda Emond] has a secret,” according to the synopsis.

Check out the Season 2 finale of “Lodge 49” when it airs on AMC on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT.