American Airlines
An American Airlines flight was diverted to Denver on Tuesday Feb. 19. In this image, an American Eagle passenger jet taxis at LaGuardia Airport in New York in October 2017. Getty

American Airlines flight 1405 en-route to San Diego from New York was diverted to Denver after a man suffered a heart attack on the flight on Tuesday evening. The crew and pilot were praised for their skill in handling the situation.

Flight 1405 bound from New York on Tuesday evening had to be diverted to Denver when a passenger on board suffered a heart attack. At the time of the incident pilot told Air Traffic Control there was a cardiac incident on the plane and two nurses were working on the patient.

A passenger on flight, Lara Diamonds, praised the efforts of the flight crew who she said were amazing throughout the incident, on Twitter.

The details of the passenger who suffered the heart attack was not disclosed. There was no update on the individual's current health who was carted off the plane in Denver.

However, many hoped the patient would make a full recovery.

Following the incident, the pilot requested the assistance of the customer service to take a dog on board for a walk.

“Customer service just came onboard to take a nice man named Andy's dog off the plane to go to the bathroom,” she said.

The incident comes after Instagram model Jen Selter was escorted out of an American Airlines flight by airport security last month. American Airlines was criticized by the passenger for the way the incident was handled by the crew. According to the other passengers, the incident that led to Selter's eviction from the plane was blown out of proportion.

The flight bound from Miami to New York, was delayed by more than two hours.

Selter said she got up from the seat to stretch her arms when one of the crew members walked up to her and asked to take a seat.

“The plane wasn’t taking off. I told him to relax. But he had something against me,” Selter said, Page Six reported. “He was so nasty.”

Following the heated argument between Selter and the crew, she was asked if she preferred to leave the flight to which Selter replied "yes" but she said her word was laced with sarcasm.

The crew got in touch with the pilot and asked to dispatch security to escort the passenger off the plane.

“American Airlines calls the shots,” one of the five security guards who showed up, was seen saying in one of the videos. “They don’t want you to fly on their plane today.”

As a show of solidarity when Selter was escorted off the plane, another passenger got up to leave with her saying she “was just standing because [Selter’s sister] and the other passenger went to the bathroom. And then one of the crew members, he just came and started shouting at her, harassing her, it was really bad.”

After the incident, American Airlines spokesperson issued a statement saying Selter was escorted out due to a disagreement between her and the crew, but she was offered accommodation and transportation which Selter duly declined to accept.

In response to the incident that transpired yesterday, the airlines expressed their gratitude to the passenger for the praise lauded on them.

"Thanks for the kind words, Lara. We're glad to hear our crew and pilot were able to calm everyone concerns," the airlines said.