American Atheists has posted seasonal billboards in locations including the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. The billboards are the next stage of the You KNOW it's a MYTH campaign the group started last year.

This year’s holiday season billboard features pictures of Neptune, Jesus, Santa Claus and the Devil and says, “37 Million Americans know MYTHS when they see them. What do you see?”

Dave Silverman, President of American Atheists, said, “Last year’s MYTH billboard was incredibly successful and garnered a lot more attention than we conceived. This year’s billboard should be equally thought-provoking and spark plenty of conversations nationally, but especially in New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Florida.”

According to the American Atheists' Web site,, There is no effort here to convert theists into atheists, but there IS an attempt to get the church pew atheists to consider what they are doing. If they look at our billboard and see four myths, including Jesus, then why are they going to church and donating money? Why are they going through this ridiculous motion of pretending to believe in a myth, just to please other people?

Many atheists celebrate some version of Christmas! There is nothing wrong with gifts, trees, singing and (most of all) family togetherness. None of this requires the pretense of a belief in a god. We believe the season should include honesty -- with oneself and loved ones, the site adds.