More news is out about the premiere episode of “American Horror Story: Coven”: The season-three premiere is only a few weeks away, and IMDB has updated the episode-one cage with some juicy new spoilers regarding casting.

Fans of the FX miniseries already uncovered some character names for Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts, Frances Conroy and Sarah Paulson, but a couple of more character names have been released. Check out our breakdown below, and let us know your thoughts on “Coven.”

Jessica Lange -- “American Horror Story” vet Jessica Lange will be playing Fiona, the Supreme witch who vanished for a couple of years, but has returned to New Orleans now that trouble is brewing. The Supreme is back to teach the young witches how to defend themselves at a special school in the French Quarter.

Sarah Paulson -- Sarah Paulson is returning to the “American Horror Story” franchise as Cordelia, the daughter of Lange’s character. It’s currently unknown whether she is a witch as well.

Kathy Bates -- New to the series is Kathy Bates, who will be playing Madame Delphine LaLaurie -- a real-life serial killer who terrorized Louisiana in the 1800s. After a fire broke out in her home in 1834, authorities found numerous slaves mutilated and locked in a room. Some victims were strapped to tables, a man was reportedly surgically transformed into a woman, one female was mutilated to look like a human crab, and another had her arms mutilated and skin peeled off. According to author Victor Klein, the room was scattered with “body parts, organs, and severed heads.”

Emma Roberts -- Emma Roberts will be playing Madison, a “young and sexy Hollywood-actress type.” Her character will be attending the witch school in the French Quarter.

Frances Conroy -- Frances Conroy will be playing a woman named Ruth. She was photographed on set with wild red hair, and we previously reported that the series was looking to cast a younger version of Conroy’s character.

Angela Bassett -- On IMDB, Angela Bassett is reportedly playing a woman named Olivia Startville. However, it was previously reported that Bassett will be playing historical figure Marie Laveau, a “voodoo priestess” in New Orleans during the 19th century. Perhaps Bassett is pulling double duty -- or maybe her character becomes possessed by Laveau?

Lily Rabe -- Lily Rabe appears to be playing a relative of Bassett’s character. According to IMDB, her character name is Monica Startville.

Gabourey Sidibe -- Like Rabe and Bassett, Gabourey Sidibe will be playing a “Startville.” IMDB reports that her character is named Berta Startville.

Lucy Faust -- Lucy Faust, who recently had a small role as “Scared Woman” in “2 Guns,” will be playing a girl named Mercy.

Joseph Fischer -- Joseph Fischer of “True Detective” and “Star-Crossed” will be playing Chef.

Sir Maejor -- Sir Maejor will be playing an Albino Guard. He’ll be working alongside Conroy and has posted photos of his character on Twitter.

Starlette Miariaunnii -- Starlette Miariaunnii of “Treme” and “Star-Crossed” will be playing a slave in the attic.

Ashlynn Ross -- Ashlynn Ross, who played Dakota Fanning’s and Kristen Stewart’s photo double in “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 1 and 2,” will be playing a character called Marie Louise Jeanne.

Jennifer Lynn Warren -- Jennifer Lynn Warren of “The Gates” and “Infamous” will be playing Borquita in “Coven.”

“American Horror Story: Coven” premieres Oct. 9. What do you think of the character listings? Let us know in the comments section.