american horror story season 4 spoilers
Neil Patrick Harris as Chester in "American Horror Story" Season 4, episode 11, "Magical Thinking." FX

It’s getting down to the wire on Season 4 of “American Horror Story.” And with only one episode left until the series finale of the hit FX series, viewers can anticipate that episode 12, “Show Stoppers,” will be full of tricks and thrills.

According to the synopsis for next week’s installment, set to air Wednesday, Jan. 14, fans will watch as Dandy (Finn Wittrock) gives the Twins (Sarah Paulson) “troubling information about Chester (Neil Patrick Harris)” out of jealous spite.

“Your Chester is an absolutely, beastly sicko,” Dandy ironically says in the promo video for episode 12. But he’s right. Chester is a WWI vet with a metal plate in his head and a strange obsession with his ventriloquist (and maybe murderous?) doll, Marjorie. When Chester came home from the war he found that his wife had fallen in love with a woman whose husband had also gone off into war and had been killed.

So, the three of them lived together, sharing the same home – and bed (kind of). Chester was weary of joining his wife and her mistress. Instead, he watched the two from afar with Marjorie sitting on his lap. Then, one day, Marjorie allegedly came up with the idea to kill the women who never let him join in on their fun.

After the murderous act (that Chester blamed on Marjorie), he ran away, becoming a chameleon salesman (it’s exactly what it sounds like). That’s when he heard of the freak show in Florida and decided to pay the camp a visit with the hopes of becoming an act in the troupe. But Elsa (Jessica Lange) wasn’t interested in his magic. Instead, she hired him as the warm up routine because of his responsibilities when it came to finances. Chester would make the perfect man to run the show when she hit the road to Hollywood, right?

But as we previously mentioned, Chester is a bit troubled. After forming a connection with Bette and Dot (he deflowered them in episode 11), his doll became jealous. She then urged Chester to saw the two in half. And from the promo video for “Show Stoppers,” he obliges – but instead of slicing the Tattler’s in two, it looks as though he’s sawing Maggie (Emma Roberts) in half. While his mind registers that Maggie is in the box, he then sees another woman lying in the box – a woman we theorize is either his wife or her mistress.

But before Maggie finds herself trapped in Chester’s magic box, she’ll be trying to mend her relationship with Jimmy (Evan Peters). “Maggie vows to prove her loyalty to Jimmy,” the synopsis teases. Is this because the troupe will find out Maggie was working side-by-side with Stanley (Denis O’Hare), the man behind the murders of the freak show and the amputation of Jimmy’s hands? "The freaks enforce their harsh code of justice,” the summary concludes, suggesting that Stanley and/or Maggie may be faced with some serious consequences when episode 12 airs.

The trailer for “Show Stopper” also revealed that Danny Houston, who played the German prop master named Massimo, would be making his reprisal in “Freak Show.” Fans will remember that Massimo helped saved Elsa’s life after her legs were viciously cut off during a snuff film. He made the fraulein prosthetic legs with his talents and we have a feeling he may do something the same for poor, clawless Jimmy.

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What are you looking forward to seeing in episode 12 of “American Horror Story”? Tune in to the “Show Stopper” when “Freak Show” airs on Wednesday, Jan. 14, at 10 p.m. EST on FX.