American Ninja Warrior USA Vs World
"American Ninja Warrior" will air its "USA Vs. The World" special on Sept. 15. NBC

The city finals of NBC's "American Ninja Warrior" are over and it's on to the Las Vegas finals to name a champion. One hundred contestants from the Denver, Miami, St. Louis, Venice, and Dallas city finals will compete for the title of "American Ninja Warrior" starting on August 18th. However, that will not quite be the end of the action this season. NBC announced in a press release its second annual "American Ninja Warrior: USA Vs. The World" competition. The three-hour special will act as the series' season finale and will air Sept. 15, at 8 p.m EDT.

"USA Vs. The World" pits five of the very best "American Ninja Warrior" contestants from the Las Vegas finals of past seasons against a team from Japan (consisting of contestants from the Japanes show, "Sasuke," that was the basis for "American Ninja Warrior") and a team from Europe. The teams will compete against each other on the challenging Las Vegas course in a head-to-head format.

NBC has announced the teams for the September special:

Team USA

Brian Arnold - Arnold is a maintenence director who competed in last year's "USA vs. Japan" special. He again qualified for the Las Vegas finals this season at the Denver city finals.

Elet Hall - Hall is a ski lift operator from Maryland who competed in the Las Vegas finals in both the 4th and 5th Seasons of the show.

Paul Kasemir - Kasemir is a software engineer from Colorado who previously competed in the "USA Vs. Japan" special.

Joe Moravsky - Moravsky is a weatherman from Connecticut who competed in last season's Las Vegas finals.

Travis Rosen - Rosen is from Tennessee and has competed in multiple Las Vegas Finals.

Team Japan

Kazuma Asa - Asa is a carpenter and a long time "Sasuke" competitor.

Hitoshi Kanno - Kanno is a maintenence man who has competed on "Sasuke" 10 times.

Ryo Matachi - Matachi is a plumber who has competed on "Sasuke" seven times.

Shingo Yamamoto - Yamamoto is a gas station manager from Tokyo who has competed 30 times on "Sasuke."

Yusuke Morimoto - Morimoto is a student who has competed seven times on "Sasuke."

Team Europe

Stefano Ghisolfi - Ghisolfi is a championship rock climber from Italy.

Vadym Kuvakin - Kuvakin is a former Olympian gymnast from Ukraine.

Sean McColl - McColl is a championship rock climber from Canada.

Tim Shieff - Shieff is a professional runner and former "American Ninja Warrior" contestant from England.

Miska Sutela - Sutela is a "Sasuke" competitor from Finland.

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