Kacy Catanzaro
Kacy Catanzaro (pictured) returned to "American Ninja Warrior" for the Season 7 city qualifying round in Houston. NBC

Kacy Catanzaro entered Season 7 of “American Ninja Warrior” as the biggest star the NBC competition show had ever had. After becoming the fist woman to complete the city finals course in Season 6, the New Jersey native was tapped as an analyst in the Season 7 premiere episode and has a running season blog this year for People Magazine. However, in Monday’s Houston city qualifying round it was finally time for the gymnast’s to take on the show’s challenging course once again.

The five-foot tall Catanzaro looked to be off to a great start on her run, easily clearing the quintuple steps, the tilting slider, and the spinning log. However, the former Towson gymnast ran into trouble on the cargo crossing. Unable to swing from the cargo net to the grab bar, Catanzaro fell into the water to the shock of her many fans.

Watch Kacy Catanzaro’s Houston city qualifying run below:

Catanzaro wrote about her disappointing run in her People Magazine blog.

“I was devastated when I hit that water,” wrote Catanzaro. “All I could think about was all of the people I didn't want to let down. Even though I fell short, I will not let that define who I am or limit my capabilities.”

Catanzaro also does not blame the course itself for her failed run.

“I definitely don't want to take the easy way out and say that it was only because I couldn't reach it and it's not possible,” Catanzaro told the Hollywood Reporter. “I'd never want to say that or make it seem that way. I do, in my mind and at the moment, I tried hard and just couldn't reach it.”

Luckily for Catanzaro, her “American Ninja Warrior” journey this season might not be over just yet. The gymnast can still make the Las Vegas finals as a wildcard and her fans will be hoping to see her back in action soon.