Joe Moravsky
Joe Moravsky, "The Weatherman," had the most impressive run in the 2014 National Finals of "American Ninja Warrior." NBC

The National Finals of “American Ninja Warrior” are over with no one completing, or even making it to Stage 4 to be crowned the first champion. However, that doesn’t mean Season 6 of the NBC competition was without a star. Joe Moravsky, nicknamed “The Weatherman,” impressed in the season finale Monday night, advancing to Stage 3 (only one other contestant this season, Elet Hall, did so) and becoming only the third American Ninja to reach the climbing wall. Moravsky dominated “American Ninja Warrior” all season long with impressive runs that made him one of the stars of the show (along with Kacy Catanzaro’s historic run).

Moravsky is 25-years-old and grew up in Sherman, Conn., according to his website. He earned a degree in Meteorology at Western Connecticut State University, planning to enter a career in forecasting. He later interned at NBC Connecticut gathering forecasting data for Chief Meteorologist Brad Field. Moravsky is also a gymnastics coach at Vasi’s International Gymnastics in Newtown, Conn. The contestant currently forecasts the weather online via social media in order to reserve more time for “American Ninja Warrior” training.

Moravsky competed in “American Ninja Warrior” Season 5 where he made it to the National Finals and all the way to Stage 3 as a first-time competitor. However he failed Stage 3, falling on the “floating boards.” Moravsky returned to the competition in Season 6.

Watch his submission video below:

Moravsky finished with the fastest time in the "American Ninja Warrior" St. Louis regional qualifying rounds and in the city finals, punching his ticket to Las Vegas for the second consecutive year. His run was notable for his performance on the “tumbling dice” obstacle, where he broke the obstacle, yet still managed to finish the course.

Watch his St. Louis City Finals run below:

Moravsky also had one of the more impressive runs in Stage 1 of the National Finals in Las Vegas.

Watch his Stage 1 run below:

"The Weatherman" became this season’s hero on “American Ninja Warrior” with his run on Stage 2. Going after the majority of the National Finalists had tried and failed to conquer the difficult course, Moravsky finished, with visible emotion, with only two seconds to spare. Only Elet Hall was able to join him in Stage 3.

In Stage 3 Moravsky achieved some personal redemption by defeating the obstacle that took him out the year before -- “the floating boards.” After beating the obstacle (which knocked out Hall), Moravsky became just the third "American Ninja Warrior" to reach the “hang climb” before losing steam and falling.

Moravsky promises to return next season for another shot at becoming the first “American Ninja Warrior.” Fans can also see him as one of the five Americans in the “USA vs. The World” special airing Sept. 15 on NBC.

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