This is a representational image of a baby at Fort Stewart, Georgia, July 17, 2003. Getty Images/Stephen Morton

Police in Indianapolis are searching for an 8-month-old girl who went missing Friday. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department on Monday urged the public to help find Amiah Robertson.

Police said Amiah is 16 pounds, has dark black hair and hazel eyes. She has a birthmark on her shoulder close to her neck.

While there was little details about the circumstances surrounding the disappearance, the mother of the child said she was on a date with her ex-boyfriend at a Motel 6 on Friday for a date when Amiah went missing. The ex-boyfriend was reportedly not the father of Amiah.

“I was scared, worried on where she could be, if she is ok. I’m just hoping she is, and that she is safe. And I’m just…hoping she isn’t with someone that could do any harm to her,” Amber told local media CBS4. “They couldn’t do an Amber Alert because someone knew where she was, and it didn’t fit in as a category for an Amber Alert,” Amber said.

Meanwhile, a CBS4 reporter wrote in Twitter that Amiah's mother clarified Monday that her ex-boyfriend took the baby Friday afternoon and was supposed to drop her off at the babysitter's. However, the babysitter said they never showed. Amber also reportedly said she and her ex-boyfriend got into a fight, following which she reported the baby missing.

If anyone has any information, call 911 immediately. Details of her disappearance are still under investigation.