Amy’s Baking Company is at it again. Samy Bouzaglo, best known for his notorious 2013 appearance on Gordon Ramsay’s series “Kitchen Nightmares,” was caught on video attacking a customer with a knife outside his Scottsdale, Arizona, restaurant Saturday, TMZ is reporting.

The video, recorded by another patron of the couple’s boutique and bistro establishment, claims the man in question was intoxicated and “ordered to leave” the restaurant by Bouzaglo’s “enraged” wife and “Kitchen Nightmares” co-star Amy Bouzaglo. Even though the customer removed himself from the premises, Bouzaglo reportedly followed him outside with a knife and was “going after” him.

“No! No! Let me!” Samy Bouzaglo can be heard screaming at the patron while Amy attempts to restrain him. “Stop it! Call the police,” she says. “It’s not worth it,” the customer filming the ordeal can be heard telling the business owner. “You’re going to go to jail for the rest of your life. Think about what you’re doing.” Despite originally attempting to hold back her husband, Amy can also be heard taunting the patron. “You motherf--king piece of s—t coward!” she says. “You drunk! You drunk!”

Bouzaglo told TMZ he was holding a pen, not a knife. He reiterated his claims to KPNX in Phoenix, despite witnesses telling police he appeared to be holding a knife during the confrontation. “He was drunk. It is my right to take out anyone who is drunk. They cannot come here,” he said. Bouzaglo said the altercation erupted when he asked the man to leave the premises. “He said, 'I saw the show. You’re a piece of s--t,’” Bouzaglo said.

Bouzaglo says the man, who was reportedly accompanied by two other male patrons, also went after his wife. While Amy’s cell phone footage of the incident has yet to be released to the public, Scottsdale 12 News’ Gia Vang says her recording corroborates Bouzalgo's claims. KPHO in Phoenix reports that the man in question was gone when Scottsdale police arrived at the scene Saturday evening. No arrests in the case have been made.

Amy’s Baking Company first appeared on "Kitchen Nightmares," a series which starred chef Gordon Ramsay's efforts to help failing businesses, in May 2013. The couple’s episode gained nationwide attention for yelling at unhappy customers, having a high employee turnover rate and allegedly stealing their waitstaff’s tips. Ramsay famously left the couple mid-episode, claiming they did not want his professional advice. "I think you're too far gone," Ramsay told the couple. "I can't help people that can't help themselves and cannot ever take one ounce of criticism and if you're not willing to change I'm not willing to butt heads, argue ... It's not normal." Despite their clash with Ramsay, the duo returned to the series in February.