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  • Ana de Armas said "Ballerina" was a "really demanding" movie
  • The actress shared that she loves the "John Wick" universe and working with Keanu Reeves
  • De Armas described her chemistry with Chris Evans in their new movie "Ghosted" as "natural"

Ana de Armas is teasing what fans can expect from her upcoming "John Wick" spinoff film.

De Armas stars as a secret agent in the new action spy rom-com "Ghosted" opposite Chris Evans and will join the "John Wick" universe in the forthcoming spinoff, "Ballerina."

During a red-carpet interview at the "Ghosted" premiere at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater in New York City Tuesday, the actress told Entertainment Tonight that "Ballerina" is going to be on "another level" in terms of action.

"That movie was really demanding!" she teased.

In the spinoff from Keanu Reeves' assassin franchise, de Armas plays Rooney, a ballerina by the day and an assassin by night. She seeks revenge for the death of her family. The timeline of the movie falls between "John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum" and "John Wick: Chapter 4."

"You know, I love the 'John Wick' universe and I loved working with Keanu again," said de Armas, who previously starred opposite Reeves in the 2015 horror thriller '"Knock Knock." "It's a great character and it's a great story, it's beautiful on screen. I'm very excited for that one."

In her new action film "Ghosted," she stars as a secret agent, which she already had some experience playing after her previous roles as CIA Agent Paloma in 2021's "No Time To Die" and CIA Agent Dani Miranda in 2022's "The Gray Man."

De Armas and her "Ghosted" co-star Evans also worked together in Netflix's "Knives Out" and "The Gray Man." However, she joked that in their latest film together, they finally got to "like each other" onscreen.

"I thought it was very refreshing and new and unexpected for people to see Chris in this position of not being the one in control and strong and saving the day," de Armas told People. "For me, it was a lot of fun — a lot of work and a lot to do, but it was really cool."

The actress revealed that filming the action scenes had been the most demanding. However, the comedy and romance were "easy" as they had chemistry.

"For sure the action. The other part of the movie, the fun, the romance, the conversations and all of that, it comes very natural for Chris and I, and it was just very easy," she explained. "The chemistry's there and there's nothing forced. That part was good."

Evans also broke down what set "Ghosted" apart from the other films he and de Armas have starred in together.

"It was nice, with this movie we finally got to interact in a more playful, banter-y sort of way," Evans said in the same interview with People. "In 'Knives Out,' we're adversarial, and in the second film, 'The Gray Man,' we didn't have anything together. This was fun to actually get to have some repartee and explore that type of movie."

"Ghosted" streams on Apple TV+ Friday.

Cuban actress Ana de Armas ("Knives Out") looked stunning in a glittering blue gown
Cuban actress Ana de Armas ("Knives Out") looked stunning in a glittering blue gown AFP / VALERIE MACON