Who Is The Andaseat Dark Demon Gaming Chair For?

  • The Andaseat Dark Demon gaming chair is great for those who want a premium leather gaming chair without the bright colors or obnoxious graphics
  • The Dark Demon offers a wide angle for reclining while seated
  • The Dark Demon gaming chair has the best armrests of any office chair
The Andaseat Dark Demon has many of the same great features found in other Andaseat chairs, but in leather

Working from home forces employees to replicate an office environment themselves, which means people should have quality chairs. Unless a standing desk is being used, a quality chair should be a high priority. While we previously reviewed and loved the Andaseat T-Pro 2, the company is back with their latest offering: the Dark Demon. Can this ominous sounding chair live up to the Andaseat legacy while providing comfort for both gamers and those working from home?

Largely The Same

The Andaseat Dark Demon gaming chair is largely the same as the Andaseat T-Pro 2. This includes the overall shape of the chair, most of the features, and even some of the same hardware. This is not a bad thing at all, as we here at International Business Times awarded the T-Pro 2 our Editors Pick award.

The underside of the two chairs is virtually identical. Both the Dark Demon and T-Pro 2 have a sturdy 5-pronged base with wheels that glide like butter on a hot pan. Both have a hydraulic system to raise and lower the chair. Both have a lever that allows the back of the chair to recline, and both chairs allow the recline to go up to a 160 degree angle.

The Dark Demon's wheels glide smoothly

Additionally, both the Andaseat Dark Demon and T-Pro 2 require installation. Both chairs were relatively easy to put together, though I did find the Dark Demon to be a little easier. This could be because I had already built the T-Pro 2 and knew what to do for the Dark Demon, but if my memory serves me correctly, I'm pretty sure there were a few more steps for the T-Pro 2.

The Same Great Armrests

In my previous review of the Andaseat T-Pro 2, I noted that the chair's armrests were exceptional. This continues with the Andaseat Dark Demon, as the company has used the same armrests between the two chair options.

The armrests on the Dark Demon are what Andaseat calls 4D, meaning there are four ways to customize the armrest position. The armrests can be slid forward and backward, raised up or down, slid inward or outward from the chair, and can be rotated. Between those four movements, the Dark Demon really lets users position the armrests to their exact preferences.

The armrests offer ton of flexibility in how they are positioned

The only slightly annoying thing with how much the armrests move is when getting into and out of the Dark Demon. If using your arms to push yourself out of the chair, or using them to help ease yourself down, it's more than likely the armrests will move in some direction (usually rotating). This is a little annoying, but the armrests can be popped back into their place easily enough once seated.

Key Differences

This whole review up to this point has been highlighting how the Dark Demon and the T-Pro 2 are similar, but there are a few major differences between the two chairs. The most obvious one is that the Dark Demon uses leather to cover the chair, while the T-Pro 2 uses fabric. I personally prefer the fabric on the T-Pro 2, as I am someone who regularly runs hot. Ultimately, material choice is more of a personal preference. I will say that the Dark Demon's leather surface is much easier to clean than the T-Pro 2's fabric, if that helps to make any decisions.

The Dark Demon can recline, but cannot rock

One less obvious difference between the Dark Demon and T-Pro 2 is that the Dark Demon has removed the rocking feature found in the T-Pro 2. The T-Pro 2 can recline when someone sitting in it leans back, similar to a rocking chair. The Dark Demon does not move when leaning back, and the only way to recline while sitting on the Dark Demon is to use the recline handle. This will lean the rear of the Dark Demon back, but in a static way.

The Dark Demon is overall a smaller chair than the T-Pro 2 as well. This doesn't make much of a difference when working or gaming, but it is a little more restricting sitting in the Dark Demon compared to the T-Pro 2. Those who need to be conscious of space will definitely appreciate that the Dark Demon is slightly less bulky than the T-Pro 2, though it still is fairly bulky when compared to other office chairs.

Cushion Confusion

Another big difference between the Dark Demon and T-Pro 2 is the included cushions. The Dark Demon has both a head pillow and lumbar support pillow, but they aren't as intuitive as the T-Pro 2's cushions. The most egregious is the lumbar support pillow. On the T-Pro 2, that chair's pillow simply slots into the back of the chair. For the Dark Demon, things are a little more complicated.

A closer look at the lumbar support pillow

The Dark Demon's lumbar support pillow has four elastic straps dangling from the pillow's corners. Unfortunately, the build instructions don't accurately reflect the Dark Demon's included pillows, so it wasn't until I went onto the chair's Amazon page that I found out how to actually get the pillow into place. The straps loop through the holes in the headrest and run all the way down the back of the chair before getting tucked through the back of the chair. It's certainly less elegant than the T-Pro 2's pillow, but the lumbar support the Dark Demon's pillow offers is exceptional.

The Dark Demon also has a head/neck pillow that clips onto the top of the chair similar to the one on the T-Pro 2. I actually very much enjoy the head pillow on the Dark Demon. The T-Pro 2's pillow is too stiff and makes me feel like my head is jutting way too far forward. The Dark Demon's head pillow, on the other hand, is much more plush and allows me to actually lean back and sink in.

The Dark Demon head pillow is soft and comfortable

Overall, the Dark Demon's cushions are nicer to use than the ones on the T-Pro 2, but are more annoying to get set up. Once properly in place, it's easy to see how the Dark Demon's cushions will help with posture and comfort, especially when paired with the insanely customizable armrests.

Price Points

The final major difference between the Andaseat Dark Demon and T-Pro 2 is the price. At full retail price, the Dark Demon is $100 less than the T-Pro 2, but there is currently a sale on Amazon for the Dark Demon which lowers the price even further.

The Andaseat T-Pro 2 looked like it had a bowtie, and the Dark Demon looks like it has suspenders

The Dark Demon is by no means cheap, as even with the sale it still costs around $370. However, that is much less than the T-Pro 2's sticker price of $500. While these chairs are expensive, any office chair that is worth using will likely also cost over $100 and can go much higher.

Final Thoughts

The Dark Demon is a fantastic gaming chair from Andaseat. The included support cushions are comfortable and make sitting in the chair for extended periods an easier process. It's easy to recline the Dark Demon into a more comfortable angle and moving the chair is incredibly easy thanks to the smooth wheels attached at the bottom. Those armrests are also the best in the business for both gaming and office chairs.

While it doesn't have the rocking function found in the T-Pro 2, and some may not like the leather cover as much as a fabric one, the lower price point on the Dark Demon makes it a very attractive option when looking for a new gaming or office chair. The Dark Demon is available right now from Amazon and comes in two colors: one all-black and one with red highlights.