Following the popular Apple Pay and the recently introduced Samsung Pay, there soon will be an Android Pay. Meanwhile, LG’s Nexus 5 (2015), which is believed to be the successor to Nexus 6, is the talk of the industry. An earlier report pointed to an advanced fingerprint sensor on the upcoming device; now a new report from Korea says Google will introduce Android Pay alongside the Nexus 5 (2015).

According to Phone Arena, Google spoke about the new payment system dubbed Android Pay during the I/O developers conference in May. This mobile payment system apparently will replace Google Wallet. However, the search giant did not confirm the release time frame. Android Pay will have to do a bit of a catch up with Apple Pay. Samsung Pay, other than the earlier introduction, still remains unexplored. In any case, BusinessKorea says, Google has a phenomenal 60 percent overall domination of the mobile OS market, so Android Pay should not see many hiccups down the line.

Though the recently released Motorola Nexus 6 from Google did not make a huge impact, the original Nexus 5 built by LG was much-appreciated during its release. Anticipation for the LG-built Nexus 5 (2015) is sky-high. BusinessKorea, citing an industry watcher, says the upcoming Nexus device will come loaded with Android Pay.

“The question of whether Android Pay would succeed in the simple payment service market would depend on its ability to dominate the advanced countries’ markets in Europe and North America,” the industry watcher told the site. “This is in part why Google chose LG, given the latter’s success in these markets.”

However, as with Apple Pay, Google’s Android Pay will be compatible only with near field communication (NFC) and short-range wireless communication. Samsung Pay, meanwhile, reportedly is compatible with traditional NFC, in addition to magnetic secure transmission (MST), which would give it the upper hand over other payment systems, notes BusinessKorea.