Andy Dick is packing his bags and heading off to rehab after an intervention was staged by his employer, according to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

The actor and comedian is known for being outlandish and funny, but his boss, Internet entrepreneur Alki David, knew that Dick was long past fun and games. He even went as far as arranging an interventionist to be on hand when David explained to the actor that he must seek treatment again, Hilton said.

David confronted the star about his demons during one recent episode and then gave him an ultimatum: Conquer his troubles in rehab once and for all or quit the show, reported.

David told Dick in front of cameras for his Internet show Andy Dick Live, Everybody knows you have been going through your trials and tribulations. ... I told you the other day that if this continued we can't carry on.

Fortunately for his career and his health, Hilton reported that Dick ultimately broke down and agreed to get the help he desperately needs.

Dick admitted he's had ups and downs and that it's been a struggle and strive, during the intervention.

He was driven by an interventionist from his Beverly Hills studio and taken to the Oasis treatment center in Anaheim, Calif.

The comedian has previously admitted that drugs and alcohol turned him into a moron.

This isn't Dick's first time in rehab. His battle with addiction has been playing out in the tabloids for years, and he appeared on VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and a 2009 spinoff show called Sober House, where Dick publicly swore he would get sober for his children.

Dick's most recent incident was being booked for suspicion of public intoxication in Temecula, Calif., in May 2011. He was released on $500 bail, reported Celebuzz..

When I drink I turn into a moron, he said on an appearance on Entertainment Tonight in 2009. I think I'm being funny and clever, but I look back on the videotape and I border on retardation.

Andy is very excited to begin this new chapter in his life and wants his viewers to know that once he has completed the program at Oasis, he will resume live streaming of the show and be better than ever, David told Celebuzz.

Do you think Dick's latest stint in rehab will be the one that finally sobers him up for good?