• Dr. Assaf Karpel, 37, was arrested and indicted on suspicion of attempted murder
  • Karpel allegedly tried to murder the husband of a colleague he had a crush on by injecting him with anesthetics
  • He was also accused of stalking the woman and using her phone to send her intimate photos to his phone

A 37-year-old anesthesiologist from Tel Aviv, Israel has been accused of trying to murder the husband of a colleague he had a crush on by breaking into the couple's home and injecting some anesthetics into the man.

Dr. Assaf Karpel, of Kiryat Ono, was arrested and indicted on suspicion of attempted murder, The Jerusalem Post reported, citing Israeli outlet Walla News.

Karpel had allegedly developed a friendship with a senior doctor in his workplace and attempted to get closer to her by buying her presents and sending her messages, where he expressed his desire for a romantic relationship between them, according to the indictment filed before Lod District Court.

The anesthesiologist was also accused of stalking the victim and, on one occasion, he allegedly used her phone to send intimate photos of her to his own phone, a report by The Times of Israel said. He later claimed that the woman's boyfriend had been sending out intimate photos of her.

Karpel eventually decided to kill the woman's husband, according to court documents. He allegedly stole the key to her home and stole two syringes from their hospital, along with anesthetics that can kill a person in case of an overdose, which are normally only given during treatment with life-saving equipment nearby.

After allegedly checking the woman's shift schedule to know when she was not home, Karpel went to her home in disguise earlier this month while carrying an electroshock weapon, lighter, scalpel and the syringes with anesthetics, as per The Times of Israel.

Karpel entered the house in the middle of the night using the stolen key, went to the bedroom and attacked the woman's boyfriend, as stated in the indictment. He had used the electric shocker and tried to inject him with the syringes, but the woman's husband had woken up and successfully fought off Karpel, who quickly fled the scene.

Karpel was later located while he was trying to drive to Jerusalem. A search of his car yielded black coveralls, a hat, balaclava and the syringes.

"[T]he defense intends to study the materials on which the indictment is based. It can already be said that my client vigorously denies any intention to harm or kill a person and is sure that his innocence will be proven," Adi Carmeli, the lawyer who will be representing Karpel, was quoted as saying by The Jerusalem Post.

Representation. Dr. Assaf Karpel, 37, allegedly broke into a colleague's home and tried to kill her husband by injecting an anesthetic into him while he was asleep. Pixabay