Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, pictured Feb. 26, 2012. Getty Images

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are one of the hottest couples in Hollywood, but their marriage has fizzled, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report. Pitt tried to make things better by whisking Jolie away on an exotic vacation to Vietnam, but the plan backfired.

“He hoped that he and Angie could reignite the spark between them, but all they did was scream at each other, ” an insider told Radar Online. “Angie even humiliated Brad by telling him she’s no longer attracted to him because he looks fat, bloated and old.” The source added: “It got so bad at one point that Angie bolted and ran off!”

Still not willing to give up on their marriage, the "Fury" star booked another vacation — this time to Thailand. He also included their six children. “Despite a luxurious holiday that cost $1 million, Brad and Angie are worse off than ever. The vacation solidified the belief that their marriage is beyond repair. A divorce is definitely coming this year.”

While Radar’s source is positive about an impending divorce, rumors are common in the Jolie-Pitt family. Reports claimed they wanted to expand their family and adopt another child from Cambodia, however that story was soon dismantled by a spokesperson for the country’s government.

“I saw [the news] on Facebook, but actually it’s just a rumor,” Sao Samphois, a spokesperson for the ministry’s Inter-Country Adoption Administration said in a statement to the Phnom Penh Post , according to Us Weekly.

Even if it was the intention of Jolie, 40, and Pitt, 52, to adopt from Cambodia, it is not legal at the moment. The adoption between the two countries is not yet open,” Samphois added. The U.S. suspended adoptions from Cambodia over “trafficking concerns.”

For now, the Jolie-Pitt crew consists of the A-list actors, plus Maddox, 14; Pax, 11; Zahara, 10; Shiloh, 9; and twins Knox and Vivienne, 7.

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