Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie is known for her stunning looks. This picture is taken during the Japan premiere of the film "Moneyball" REUTERS

Celebrity look-alikes are common, but this one looks more real than just a look-alike.

Spanish beauty Lina Sanz has a striking resemblance to Hollywood sensation Angelina Jolie.

She has the same stunning looks and almost looks like a twin sister of Angelina Jolie with lively eyes, cheek bones and pouty lips.

Lina wants to try her luck in acting and is already on acting course to master the skills.

A video portraying her is very popular in internet. The pretty girl would love to impersonate Jolie if she gets an opportunity.

Let's hope she would find a Brad Pit look-alike once acting ambition is fulfilled.

See Lina Sanz Video below.