UN envoy Angelina Jolie traveled to Turkey's border with Syria today, where she will meet some of the more than 9,600 refugees who have fled a bloody crackdown on Syrian anti-government protesters. Meanwhile, refugees began a hunger strike against curbs imposed by Turkish authorities at the Yayladagi camp after Friday's prayers, hours before Jolie's visit as ambassador for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees at another camp.

Jolie arrived in the Turkish province of Hatay on Friday afternoon where Turkish authorities hung a 15 meter (16 yard) banner near the entrance of the camp to welcome her. The banner read: Goodness Angel of the World, Welcome

Jolie was accompanied by a massive convoy of vehicles and crowds gathered on the balconies of nearby homes to catch a glimpse of the actress who is known for her humanitarian work across the globe.

Back in March, Jolie paid a surprise visit to Afghanistan to visit refugee camps and in April, Jolie traveled to Tunisia during its refugee crisis as thousands fled from its war-torn neighbor, Libya.

Here are some photos of Friday's visit: