Animal Kingdom
Smurf (Ellen Barkin) wants to take power away from J (Finn Cole) on “Animal Kingdom” Season 3, episode 9. TNT

The Cody boys finally have their leader back, but on “ Animal Kingdom” Season 3, episode 9, Smurf’s return begins to become a burden on her family.

“A decision from Deran’s (Jake Weary) past comes back to haunt him,” the synopsis for “Libertad” teases. In the TNT promo, Deran is seen giving Craig (Ben Robson) a bat and later breaks into a room with a gun.

While it is unclear exactly how Deran’s past is affecting him, earlier in the season, he stole cars with a few of his friends. The robbery garnered some major police attention and caused him to worry about whether his partners in crime would snitch to authorities.

Like any Cody, Deran has a past, but it looks like he plans on reaching out to Craig to help him tie up loose ends.

“J (Finn Cole) works to get back into Smurf’s (Ellen Barkin) good graces as she tries to take away his control over the family business,” the synopsis for “Animal Kingdom” Season 3, episode 9 says. Smurf has only been out of jail for a short time, but it looks like she is already back to calling the shots.

In the previous episode, J quickly realized Smurf’s return meant he could lose the respect of his uncles and his place as the head of the family. Not only did Smurf kick him out of her room, but she made it clear that she was unhappy about the secrets he has been keeping.

After pulling off their most recent heist, J will have to wait a while before the money is cleaned and he can away from Smurf. At this point, the teen has no choice but to make nice with his grandmother.

While J will be busy kissing up to Smurf, Lucy (Carolina Guerra) will be concerned the Cody matriarch is planning her demise. In the promo video, Lucy tells Pope (Shawn Hatosy) she is worried Smurf is going to say Lucy killed Baz (Scott Speedman) and stole her money.

Later on in the promo for “Libertad,” Smurf tells Pope that Lucy killed his brother and orders someone to take a trip down to Mexico. Pope was previously told Smurf is responsible for Baz’s death, however, it seems his mother is determined to convince everyone that Lucy is to blame for taking Baz’s life.

Pope typically carries out a murder whenever Smurf’s asks, but will he go to Mexico to kill Lucy after learning about Smurf’s alleged murder plot?

“As he learns more about the Cody dynamics, Billy (Denis Leary) uses his past with Smurf to his advantage,” the synopsis for the TNT series states.

In the promo, Smurf asks Billy what he wants with her family. In the previous episode, Billy wasn’t expecting Smurf to be released from prison so soon and was starting to get comfortable living in her house while bonding with Deran.

Will Billy try to use the feelings he and Smurf once shared for one another as a way to stick around the family? Or could Billy have something on Smurf that would force her to open her home and business to the ex-boyfriend she kicked out of her life?

Animal Kingdom” Season 3, episode 9, airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.