The “Animal Kingdom” Season 4 finale has arrived, which means the Cody boys will be forced to figure out how they will survive following Smurf’s death.

At the beginning of episode 13, “Smurf,” J (Finn Cole) visits Gia (Karina Logue) to sell the gold they stole, but she refuses to fence it. Gia informs J that she did business with Smurf (Ellen Barkin), and doesn’t know him well enough to take a chance. 

After failing to get rid of the merchandise, J returns home where he tells his uncles they should have a funeral, or memorial for Smurf, so the family appears united following her death.

However, Pope (Shawn Hatosy) rejects the idea and reveals they will not hold a service for Smurf. The eldest Cody goes on to tell J that no one trusts him and confronts him about lying to them since the day he moved in. 

Pope then informs J that he has 24 hours to pack his stuff and get out of the house. Later on, Pope receives a visit from a woman who knew Smurf and revealed the two had a deal that she expected to be fulfilled by the Cody boys.

As a result, Pope tells her they will be having a memorial for his mother and encourages to invite Smurf’s associates.

Elsewhere, Angela (Emily Deschanel) tracks down J at his bowling alley and informs him that Smurf left small trust funds to Deran (Jake Weary), Craig (Ben Robson), Julia and Pope.

However, a majority of her money and the house were left to a woman named Pamela Johnson. Later on, J meets up with Frankie (Dichen Lachman), who gives him information about Angela’s past, and reveals she may have done jobs with Smurf.

In a flashback, Janine (Leila George) and her newborn twins, Andrew and Julia are being forced to stay at Jeb’s (Joseph Morgan) compound. After she pleads with his wife to let them go, she is given the keys to his car and tracks down Pam (Milauna Jackson).

Janine tells Pam she is looking for a job, but Pamela tells her she needs to focus on recovering after giving birth. Janine manages to track down Jake (Jon Beavers), who invites her and the twins to stay with him.

In the present, Billy (Denis Leary) shows up at Deran’s bar and reveals he has been sober for four months. He apologizes for stealing from Deran and gives him some money, promising to give him more in the future.

However, Deran informs him he is heading out of town, and may not be around to collect. After grabbing a drink with Craig’s dad, Jake (Jack Conley), the two head over to Smurf’s memorial.

Unfortunately, Pope isn’t happy to see Billy and pulls out a gun once he gets him alone. Although Pope appears ready to shoot him, Billy apologizes for how he treated him as a kid, and reveals that Smurf worshipped Pope because he came from Colin (Grant Harvey). 

During their conversation, Billy tells Pope that Deran was planning to take a trip, and Pope leaves the memorial to confront his brother.

Once Deran arrives, Pope reveals he knows Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) has been talking to the cops but realizes his brother loves the surfer, and the two have a heart to heart. Pope tells Deran he knows he has been trying to get away from their family and tells him he will miss him.

Later that night, Deran and Adrian’s ride out of town arrives at the pier, but Deran tells Adrian he can’t go with him. Although Adrian offers to stay, Deran tells him he will never be safer and orders him to go. 

Before Adrian leaves, he tells Deran that he will probably always love him, but that Deran was the worst thing to ever happen to him.

At Smurf’s memorial, Angela finds Pope and lets him know that her brother, Mike is out of jail, and wants to kill her. Although Mike is her brother, Angela tells Pope he isn’t her family. She tells him that J is her family, and reminds Pope that just because J is a liar and is broken in ways that aren’t his fault, he is still his family.

Pope decides to meet J at the bowling alley where the teen confesses to stealing from Smurf and saving money for the day he got caught. He tells Pope that Smurf cut them out of her will, but he could call a lawyer who could update it and cut Pamela out instead.

J reveals he can help Pope because Smurf taught him how to run things. The following day, the Cody boys meet up at Smurf’s house where Pope reveals they have business to take care of so people don’t forget who they are.

Angela is later seen confronting Mike and tells him he can’t mess with her because she’s with the Cody family now. Michael tells her it doesn’t mean anything because Smurf is dead, but Pope, J, Craig and Deran show up and began attacking him and his associates.

After the Cody boys deliver a serious beatdown, they are seen walking away from the incident as the camera focuses on Pope.

“Animal Kingdom” has already been renewed for a fifth season.

Animal Kingdom J (Finn Cole), Craig (Ben Robson), Deran (Jake Weary) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) must deal with the consequences following a botched heist on “Animal Kingdom” Season 4, episode 13. Photo: Eddy Chen/TNT