Smurf realized her days were numbered after receiving her cancer diagnosis, and on “Animal Kingdom” Season 4, episode 4, she will turn her attention to the Cody boys rather than facing her health issues.

“The Cody boys are thrown by Smurf’s (Ellen Barkin) increasingly unnerving behavior as she shows up in unexpected places,” the “Tank” synopsis teases.

In the TNT promo video, Smurf reveals she believes the Cody boys are too wound up. Smurf thrives on power and having control over others, but after a trip to the doctor, she was reminded that she wasn’t invincible.

Although Smurf cut the doctor off before he could give her more information about her diagnosis, it appears she should begin treatment for her cancer sooner, rather than later.

However, it seems she plans to focus on her boys rather than facing her health crisis. Will Smurf’s attempt to ignore her health issues jeopardize the boys’ upcoming heist?

“J (Finn Cole) realizes he needs to set his own plans in motion if he wants to lead the family,” the “Animal Kingdom” Season 4, episode 4 synopsis says.

In the “Tank” promo video, J tells Deran (Jake Weary) they should be more careful and shouldn’t work with outsiders. J has some concerns about working with Frankie (Dichen Lachman) on their latest heist.

J wants to take control of the family and take away everyone Smurf cares about, but will Frankie’s less dangerous jobs make the rest of the Cody boys reconsider who their leader should be?

“Deran gets disturbing news from an old friend,” the synopsis for the TNT drama states. Deran is unaware that Adrian (Spencer Treat Clark) is an informant for the cops and has been sharing details about his family’s crimes.

Will Deran’s old friend expose Adrian’s secret or will the reunion open his eyes to something else?

“Pope (Shawn Hatosy) struggles to resist the advances of Angela (Emily Deschanel),” the “Animal Kingdom” synopsis reveals.

In a sneak peek of the TNT drama, Smurf tells Angela that Pope is unpredictable, especially when he likes someone. Although her intentions are unclear, it appears Angela wants to form a bond with Pope.

Smurf and J aren’t pleased with Angela’s attempt to integrate herself into the Cody family, but will the former addict find a way to gain Pope’s trust?

“Animal Kingdom” Season 4, episode 4 airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

Animal Kingdom
Smurf (Ellen Barkin) suspects the Cody boys are planning another job on “Animal Kingdom” Season 4, episode 4. The actress is pictured in a scene from a previous episode. TNT