The hacker collectivist Anonymous has once again launched a successful cyberattack against North Korea. For the second time in April, Anonymous shut down and defaced several websites operated by North Korea, including the country’s official news and propaganda website,

Anonymous announced the attack via Uriminzokkiri’s official Twitter feed, which has remained under Anonymous’ control since the first attack on April 4, stating, “More of North Korean websites are in our hand. They will be brought down.”

This was followed with a list of hacked websites, which had the home pages replaced with an unflattering image of Kim Jong-un, condemning him for various crimes.

The group warned of an attack on April 8, tweeting, “OpNorthKorea is still to come. Another round of attack on N.Korea will begin soon.”

In the first round of attacks, Anonymous had also hacked North Korea’s Flickr account and released information of thousands Uriminzokkiri accounts. It also described how it pulled off the attack and made a list of demands, including Kim Jong-un’s resignation, a democratic government and uncensored Internet access for all citizens.

The North Korean government hasn't responded to the cyberattacks or Anonymous' demands. On the contrary, it has ramped up threats of missile strikes against South Korea and the United States.

In addition to the attacks against North Korea, Anonymous also threatened a major attack against Israel last week. By most accounts, the attack failed to meet expectations.

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