The death of another infant, a month-old baby, was reported from Milwaukee, on Friday morning.

While a complete investigation is still to be completed, police spokesperson Anne E. Schwartz told Associated Press that the death appears to be related to co-sleeping.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, at least 9 children have died in the city this year, possibly a result of unsafe sleep environments. The latest incident makes it the 10th on record.

Co-sleeping deaths are believed to occur because the infant is usually suffocated by a parent rolling over onto them, while sharing the same bed.

In an effort to spread awareness and get a discussion going on the subject, a controversial ad campaign shows a baby nestled in its parents' bed, with a butcher knife nearby. The tagline reads: Your baby sleeping with you can be just as dangerous.

The eye-catching ad, launched to enlighten parents over the dangers of sleeping with their infants, has sparked immense outrage among people.

The truth is that the city of Milwaukee already has an extremely high infant mortality rate and co-sleeping in this country leads to (more) infant deaths, NBC's Chief Medical Editor, Nancy Snyderman, said.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett urged parents to stop sleeping with their infants in the same bed and help save babies' lives.

Co-sleeping is the most preventable form of infant mortality, said the Mayor, I thought, does it make people feel uncomfortable? Then I thought, the discomfort I feel when I get another call about a co-sleeping death far outweighs any discomfort I felt looking at that ad.

We know from the American Academy of Pediatricians that the safest place for a baby to be sleeping is in his or her own crib. And if you can't afford a crib, call the city and we'll help you get a crib, Barrett continued.

Parents can call 414-286-8620 for a free crib or any relevant information.

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