Valentine's Day
Valentines Day REUTERS

Oh, l’amour. Isn’t Valentine’s Day so wonderful? You know; the flowers, the chocolates, the romantic candlelit dinners and the surprise of finding out what way your significant other came up with to show you how he or she adores you!

Well, it’s not all that great if you’re single or happen to be a hater of happy couples or in an unhappy relationship or maybe something else that just makes you despise V-Day. Either way, Feb. 14 comes around and companies like Hallmark begin their marketing plans where heart-shaped candy boxes are personified as the ultimate expression of affection.

Don’t worry; you’re not alone if you’ve already begun to roll your eyes in anticipation of the alleged holiday of love. Thankfully there are plenty of people on the Internet who share you distain for Valentine’s Day, or maybe you do like Feb. 14 and just want a good laugh. Twitter and Tumblr are the perfect place for people to put their resentment of Valentine’s Day into images, which have become demonstratively known as memes.

Tears, evil glares, ice cream, tissues, vomiting, the middle finger and awkward moments all seem to be popular themes in anti-Valentine’s Day memes-- lovely, right? Most of the images use celebrities to convey their disdain for Feb. 14. Ones with Justin Bieber were pretty popular. Twitter users also leaned toward using cartoon characters to express their emotions. Several memes involved SpongeBob and Squidward. There were even a few “Family Guy” and Charlie Brown versions.

So take a break from eating the pint of ice cream, put down the tissues and scroll down the page to view some depressing yet funny memes being shared on Twitter for Valentine’s Day 2014. Maybe some will take solace in knowing there are plenty of other people who hate Feb. 14 too.