"Apex Legends" has hit 50 million total players already. Artwork highlights one of the playable "Legends" in Respawn Entertainment's battle royale. EA/Respawn Entertainment

It didn't take long for battle royale video game "Apex Legends" to establish itself as one of the industry's most talked about brands. After just one month on the market, it has emerged as one of the highest viewed games on Twitch and has set a record for number of downloads.

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment now have one more feather to add to that cap: "Apex Legends" has already hit 50 million total players.

EA did not share the number of simultaneous players at its height.

Tech blog Engadget on Monday touched on the success of the game, noting that it has quickly grown to a quarter of the size of the massively popular "Fortnite."

By fall of 2018, "Fortnite" had reached 200 million total players but it took well over a year for the game to reach that number.

The success of "Apex Legends" comes at a time when EA has endured problems with "Anthem." Publisher BioWare’s latest effort has generated mixed reviews, with reports of numerous bugs leading to lower-than-expected sales figures.

While "Apex Legends" hasn't been devoid of problems, Respawn has been quick to address them. There have also been questions as to whether the game can maintain its level of popularity.