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Damus, the decentralized social media and "Twitter Killer" app based on the Nostr protocol, failed to comply with the in-app purchases guidelines of Apple, particularly its Bitcoin tipping feature, and as a result, will be removed from the App Store.

Damus, through its official Twitter account, updated the community that although it updated the decentralized app to make sure it complies with Apple's guidelines, the tech giant is still removing it from its App Store for violating "Guideline 3.1.1- Business - Payments - In- App Purchase, because of its Bitcoin Tippinge feature.

"Looks like we are getting removed from the appstore even after updating our app to make it clear that no digital content is getting unlocked when users are tipped," Damus said in a tweet, explaining that its "users are only ever tipped after posts are made, the idea that content is being sold is nonsense."

In its email sent to Damus, Apple said that while tips and donations may be optional if they are linked to or associated with getting digital content, they should comply with the App Store's in-app purchase guidelines.

The tech giant gave Damus a couple of options to prevent the digital marketplace from booting it out of the platform.

The decentralized app can either "revise your app to use in-app purchase to pay for this type of transaction or remove these transactions from your app," Apple said.

Zaps, the Damus feature in question, allows users to give tips in Bitcoin to their favorite content creators and is reminiscent of the tipping service Twitter introduced in 2021 when the social media platform was still led by Jack Dorsey.

"We will be filing an appeal as this guideline is clearly being abused and misapplied," Damus said.

Apple's notice to remove Damus from its App Store was met with criticism and skepticism from Bitcoiners and tech enthusiasts, including Dorsey himself who said that "tips aren't unlocking content" and Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney who said that "Apple must be stopped."

Prior to this notice, the tech giant gave Damus 14 days to remove the feature and the decentralized social media app responded with an explanation of its tipping system, claiming that no in-app content is being unlocked when users provide a tip, but it did not appease the tech juggernaut.

Dorsey also came to Damus' rescue when it first received the notice from Apple and asked Apple CEO to reconsider its decision since "it's a critical part of the future of the internet" and has the capacity to bring people around the world into the economy without the traditional gatekeepers."