Apple's 9% of global mobile market share seems enough to put the tech giant at the top in terms of profitability in the world mobile market for last quarter. According to an analysis by Horace Deiu, Asymco, Apple has garnered 75% of profit share and nearly 40% of revenue share by just controlling 9% of unit share.

It's not surprising. Last quarter, Apple sold more than 37 million iPhones and 15 million iPads, which contributed to 117% profit growth, a historic feat. Smartphones have higher profit margin than normal mobile phones.

However, Apple is not alone in the game. The tech giant and Korean rival Samsung earned 91% of the total profits generated ($15 billion) in the last quarter from mobile sales. RIM with 3.7%, HTC with 3.0% and Nokia with 1.8% rounded up the top 5.

When it comes to mobile phone revenues, Apple controls 39% followed by Samsung (25%), Nokia (2.6%), and RIM at 8%. Laggards were HTC, which managed 5.5%, Motorola (4%), LG (3.3%) and Sony Ericsson (2.7%).

Deiu's analysis is a strong testimony to what Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the time of earnings call: Apple's momentum is incredibly strong, and we have some amazing new products in the pipeline

Indeed, 2012 promises to be an even better year for Apple and despite rivals breathing down its neck with their array of new weapons, Apple should not be losing sleep - after all, the launch of the new iPad (dubbed iPad 3) and the next generation iPhone (dubbed iPhone 5) are being anticipated this year.