iPad 3
Right after the release of the iPad 2 for quite some time now, many techies are anticipating the release of the iPad 3 especially that the iPhone 4S is already out in the field. So far, rumors have mentioned that it will be having a 4G LTE connection, aside from WiFi and 3G in the cellular network. It may also have Siri with it, as prompted on the iOS 5 support, plus a retina display that can be a threat with other competitors. Reuters

Apple's next iPad is undoubtedly on the way, with release expected by spring 2012, but don't get too excited by a crazy rumor circulating the Web. No, the iPad 3 isn't likely to be transparent and rimless.

Not likely at all, though we hate to spoil it.

That's just just a fun rumor spawned by a concept video cirulating (see below) that someone named Dakota Adney put together. The real innovation is just that -- the creative video. But no bona fide Apple expert under the sun thinks the iPad 3 will be released with such a radical design.

Not even close. Nobody doubts that Apple has toyed around with such designs. Apple has certainly looked at all kinds of designs, but transparent and rimless is too drastic of a transformation considering the company is already pushing its manufacturing base to the edge trying to keep up with demand for the world's best-selling tablet.

Consider that Apple just released the first iPad in 2010. Adding Siri and other features plus more memory to the iPad 3 makes more sense for getting an updgrade like the iPhone 4S. But for Apple to get the iPad 3 out in the spring, production will have to begin sometime in January. If that were the case, this dreamy concept would have been leaked out long before now from parts suppliers and others.

From Dan Evon of Inquisitr: Adney may be thinking of the iPad 6 or 7, but it isn't likely that Apple's next product will be transparent.

No, the iPad 3 isn't likely to be transparent and rimless, though we'll acknowledge the cool and fun video below, which is absolutely worth the look. Still, look for the iPad 3 to be released within three to four months, with new features like Siri and a screen resolution that's two times what the iPad 2 has.