• Next year's iPhones might have a bigger battery
  • This is because of a new battery protection module inside the devices
  • The module is supplied by ITM Semiconductor

Next year's iPhones might feature bigger batteries thanks to a new component coming from one of Apple's suppliers.

Apple's 2020 iPhones might have bigger batteries compared to this year's iPhone 11 series handsets, MacRumors reported. This is because the upcoming devices might use a battery protection module that's thinner and smaller than the one currently used in the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The news comes by way of Korean tech site The Elec, which reported that according to industry sources, ITM Semiconductor might supply the iPhone 12 lineup with a custom Protection Module Packages (PMP), which is 48 percent thinner and smaller compared to the Protection Circuit Modules (PCM) found on this year's iPhones.

The new PMP, according to an illustration found in the MacRumors report, shows that the PMP is only 26mm long and 1.00mm thin. It is definitely smaller than the PCM which measures 50mm long and 1.80mm thick. The PMP is expected to allow some more room for a bigger battery.

Such battery protection circuits are designed to help protect smartphones and other devices from over-charging and over-discharging. The new PMP combines the MOSFET, PCB and protection circuit into one component. This eliminates the need for a holder case, resulting in a smaller body.

Smartphone Domination

This new report, combined with details from previous reports, seems to indicate that Apple is bent on taking the lead when it comes to next year's smartphone race.

Apple has already increased the battery capacity on the iPhone 11 series of devices, particularly the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This year's flagships have longer battery life compared to last year's iPhone XS lineup. Consumer Reports and others found through testing that Cupertino's current best and greatest is also able to outlast other competitors in terms of battery life.

Reports also revealed that all of Apple's upcoming iPhones will feature support for 5G. They are also expected to come with better features, OLED displays, and have better camera setups. They might also come bundled with AirPods when purchased.

A new report claims that one of the major features of the latest iOS 13.3 update is failing to deliver its promised protection. CC Public Domain/