As the rumored release date for Apple's iPhone 5 approaches, more details have begun to leak onto the Web. The most recent bit of information allegedly leaks the price for Apple's next smartphone alongside the device's model number.

The codename for what is believed to be the iPhone 5 is "N42," according to 9to5Mac, and that model will reportedly debut at Apple's media event scheduled for Sept. 12. The Apple news source also published a photo showing both a black and white version of the N42 iPhone model, which is the same image that 9to5Mac posted back in May.

During that month, it was also reported that Apple had been working on an alleged iPhone 5 thought to be codenamed N41, but the recent reported leak seems to indicate that Apple chose the N42 model. The prices for variants of the N42 were also listed, which reads as follows:

"N42A-USA -$199, N42B-USA-$199, N42A-USA-$299, N42B-USA-$299, N42A-USA-$399, N42B-USA-$399."

The A and the B distinctions reportedly signify black and white models, and the N42 iPhone 5 is believed to be sold at the same price as the iPhone 4S. The other configurations listed above at higher prices are likely to be the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants of the iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is also highly-expected to come with LTE connectivity, which would bump these prices up a little further. IBTimes believes that the LTE-enabled models of the iPhone 5 are likely to be priced at $329 for the 16GB, $429 for the 32GB and $529 for the 64GB. This is based on the price differences between the standard and LTE editions of Apple's most recent Retina Display iPad.

Network carriers AT&T and Verizon have both recently announced that they will be expanding their LTE networks. This news comes just as the expected iPhone 5 release date approaches, leaving some to believe that the carriers are competing for the best LTE network to allure Apple users.

AT&T has expanded to nine new markets and plans to add more coverage by the end of 2012. As for Verizon, the company announced in mid-August that it would roll out to 34 new markets, covering 75 percent of the United States.

With its larger display, expected to measure at 4-inches, and LTE connectivity, Apple's iPhone 5 is sure to pose a challenge to Samsung's flagship smartphone of 2012, the Galaxy S3.

The end of a generation?

As signs indicate that Apple is planning to roll out its LTE-enabled iPhone 5, it has been reported that Apple will discontinue its iPhone 3GS.

The 8GB version of the iPhone 4 will now be the entry-level iPhone, Matt Warman of The Telegraph reports. Sources close to Apple also told The Telegraph that an 8GB edition of the 4S may be introduced.

The iPhone 3GS was launched back in June 2009 and pushed out a million units in its first weekend alone. But the device is now more than three years old, and Apple plans to clear the path before the release date for its upcoming iPhone 5.

iPods to get a redesign at Sept. 12 event

The iPhone 5 isn't the only device expected to be unveiled at Apple's press event next week. Rumors have circulated that an iPad Mini will join the next-generation handset on stage, but newer batches of speculation lean toward a refreshed iPod.

At least two new or updated iPod lines will be introduced on Sept. 12, 9to5Mac also reported. These two iPod variants are said to come in different colors, with one model boasting multiple size capacities as well. The other will only come with one size capacity, which could mean that Apple is ready to unveil a new iPad Nano and a new iPad Shuffle.

There is also a third line of iPods that are expected to be revealed, but there have not been many clues pointing to what it could be. According to SlashGear, it could be an iPod Touch, but 9to5Mac seems to think that it will be an entirely new generation of iPods.

Features and what to expect at launch

In addition to 4G LTE connectivity, the upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to feature a 4-inch display, tougher glass, a new dock connector, a migrated earphone jack and new earphones, a thinner body, in-cell touch panels, a quad-core processor, a better camera and more. With iOS 6, the next-gen iPhone is predicted to come with Siri improvements, Passbook capability, the all-new Apple Maps, and better integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 are also expected to roll out soon after the Sept. 12 announcement, 9to5Mac reports. The Mac-themed website has reportedly been told that there are several new accessories to come with the N42-branded iPhone 5, which is likely to include cases, cables and accessories.