• Apple will be holding an online event on Sept. 15
  • Apple is expected to announce the new Apple Watch Series 6 during the product-launch event
  • The new wearable will feature improved performance and better specs

Apple is expected to announce the successor to the Apple Watch Series 5 soon. The new model will have a slew of upgrades, as well as a few features that fans have been longing to see in the wearable.

Here's a quick rundown of what fans can and should expect from the new Apple Watch Series 6.

Improved Performance

Apple is expected to refine the performance of the new Apple Watch Series 6 so that it could be better than its predecessors. This includes improvements in general performance areas, as well as additional water-resistance if the wearable's ability to work while swimming or running under the rain isn't enough.

The smartwatch is also expected to offer improved support for LTE and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

Blood Oxygen Monitoring

Apple might equip the Apple Watch Series 6 with blood monitoring features so that it will be able to give users an even better overall picture of their health condition. The Cupertino tech giant has long embedded its wearable with the components needed for the feature to work, but FDA regulations have likely prevented it from enabling it.

The inclusion of such a feature will be a welcome addition to the Apple Watch's health monitoring capabilities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to monitor one's blood oxygen levels will help users take better care of themselves.

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The Apple Watch will just keep getting better. Apple

Larger batteries

Previous reports revealed certifications indicating that Apple was working on bigger battery sizes for its upcoming wearable. One of these batteries, a 303.8 mAh battery, is bigger than the 296 mAh battery that powered the Apple Watch Series 5.

The difference in size might not seem that big, but it can still be expected to result in longer battery life.

Kids Mode

Earlier reports revealed that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, powered by watchOS 7, will feature a “Kids Mode.” This will allow parents to pair their iPhones to the Apple Watches they give to their kids.

The Kids Mode will allow the guardians to keep track of their children's whereabouts and give their kids a way to contact family members. It also does away with the need for a separate iPhone for their kids.

These are but some of the things fans can expect from the Apple Watch Series 6 when it is revealed during the online Apple event on Tuesday, Sept. 15.