April Fools' Day Texts
How to prank an adult with a text message on April Fools' Day. Reuters

For the jokesters of the world, April Fools’ Day is the favorite holiday, especially if the target of a prank isn’t expecting it. Many typical gags involve monkey-wrenching morning rituals by supergluing the shampoo top or adding food coloring to toothbrushes, but technology lets unsuspecting victims to be tricked in a new way, by SMS.

1. SMS4smile.com suggests texting one of your friends that she’s a B*TCH and wait a moment or two for a response. Chances are she (or he) will be wondering why you said that, and then you reply with: Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, Cute, Hilarious. Of course, don’t forget to remind the victim what day it is and add: “Happy April Fools’ Day!”

2. This next one will work only if the victim doesn’t know your phone number by heart, but if the target doesn’t know it, it can turn out to be a funny gag. Depending on the naivete of the victim (and if you know their password and have access to their phone) this joke can either last a minute or go on for hours. Change your contact information into the unsuspecting target’s phone to someone from his or her past or even a cartoon character or celebrity. For example, Chuck Norris might have some interesting things to say to your friend on April Fools’ Day. To help conceal your identity, delete all previous tweets.

3. This next one will only work for couples, but if you would be OK with proposing over a text message, ask the one you love to marry you. If she or he says yes, then the two of you will be getting hitched soon. If the answer is no, then you can easily chalk it up to an April Fools’ Day joke, plus now you know where you stand in the relationship.

4. Trick someone with a “fun fact.” Of course, it won't actually be factual. Write something like, “You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue.” The person will probably automatically try to do so once the text is read. Then add: “99/100 fools will try. April Fools!”

5. The old pregnancy gag can still work. Many women like to claim they are pregnant on April 1, but putting a different spin on it this year might help you trick a few different people. Get a few of your closest friends in a group text and say something along the lines of, “Everyone: I know today is April Fools’ Day but what I have to say actually isn’t a joke. I’m pregnant.” The skeptics in the group might be suspicious, but the gag might work on a few people by addressing April Fools’ Day first.

Bonus: The TextFree app is one of the best ways to successfully pull off an April Fools’ Day joke. It’s free and users can decide whether they want the area code to be a local one or out of state. This could drive victims crazy for hours, especially those whose curiosity can sometimes get the best of them.

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