David Duchovny as Detective Samson Benedictus “Sam” Hodiak
“Aquarius” fans react to the fate of the David Duchovny-led NBC series. Vivian Zink/NBC

NBC has canceled “Aquarius” after two seasons of low ratings.

Shortly after The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Peacock network had decided not to order a third season of the Charles Manson drama starring David Duchovny, some viewers took to social media to share their thoughts about the series cancellation.

As expected, loyal fans of the series were saddened by the news.

“Damn. Not the news I wanted to wake up to. #Aquarius had so much potential. Sad to see it’s canceled. Hopefully Netflix picks it up,” a fan tweeted.

“Why do all of the good shows get canceled?” wrote another viewer. “I’m so sad right now #Aquarius.”

“I can’t even breathe right now … this [is] the most disappointing & saddest news I read today #Aquarius #Cancelled,” read a Twitter post from a fan.”

A number of readers at Spoiler TV, on the other hand, weren’t surprised by the show’s cancellation.

“The only surprise is that it lasted whole two seasons. I couldn’t get through my 3 episodes trial,” one reader wrote in the comments section of the website.

“I watched the whole first season but by the end it got really tough to find motivation to continue,” shared another reader. “I did [watch] though because I wanted to see how it ended. I definitely agree it should not have been renewed.”

Interestingly, some fans chose to see the good on the series cancellation. For instance, now that “Aquarius” has been canceled, fans are quick to note that Duchovny apparently has more time to work on the potential eleventh season of “The X-Files.” Also, some people think that Claire Holt could now go back to “The Originals” as a series regular following the cancellation of the NBC series.

“Aquarius” didn’t have a proper ending, as the closing events in the Season 2 finale — now the series finale — meant that there were more stories to come.

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