Today marks a sad day for fans of “Archer” and good comedy in general. George Coe, the actor that voiced Sterling Archer’s long-abused butler Woodhouse, died on Saturday in Santa Monica, Calif. at the age of 86.

According to Variety, Coe had a very extensive acting career before he passed away due to an unspecified illness. Not only was he an Oscar-nominated film actor, but the Queens, New York native was an established theater actor having got his start on Broadway in 1957. As if those credits aren’t enough, he was one of the founding cast members on the very first episode of “Saturday Night Live” in October of 1975, having worked as a member of the “Not Ready For Prime Time Players” prior. As E! Online notes, when he wasn’t on the stage or screen he was also a very noteworthy SAG activist acting as the organization’s vice president for two years.

(WARNING NSFW CLIP: Contains strong language and subject matter)

His film and TV credits include: “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Bones,” “King of Queens,” “Gilmore Girls,” “The West Wing,” “Max Headroom” and more. However, fans will know him best as the voice of Archer’s (H. Jon Benjamin) World War I hero-turned butler, Woodhouse. The character lives with Archer and does everything from cook his food to cleaning his house for him. However, the running gag throughout the show is how utterly mean and abusive Archer is to the man that basically raised him. On the show, Archer has made Woodhouse throw his clothes away for making a bad breakfast, threatened to rub sand in his eyes, force-fed him a bowl of spider webs and straight up slapped him – just to name a few.

While the abuse of an elderly man isn’t anything to laugh at, Coe’s masterful performance and spot-on delivery left the audience laughing at Woodhouse’s misplaced perseverance every step of the way. There’s currently no set release date for Season 7 of “Archer.” According to Nerdist, the cast revealed at the San Diego Comic-Con that they’ve already recorded a couple episodes. It’s unclear if or how the show will address the loss of Coe. While we wait for whatever farewell the gang has in store, check out the very NSFW fan-made clip below of some of George Coe’s best performances on “Archer.”