This is still very much at the rumor stage, but reports are surfacing that Justin Timberlake proposed to his on-again, off-again girlfriend Jessica Biel this past weekend.

The source? A Facebook/Twitter post from a gallery/jeweler in Jackson, Wyo.

Word on the street is that Justin Timberlake proposed to Jessica Biel at the Amangani last night, read the message from Tayloe Piggott Gallery. We're picking out post-engagement presents for them just in case they come in! Trying to play it cool...

A New York City publicist is also getting in on the action --- Kyle Schaffler, who apparently works for Coach in some capacity, tweeted the news at various media outlets Tuesday. (So far, E! and blogger Jon Ali have not published anything in response to his tip.)

Later, he tweeted to the general populous: Hehe, I love that NO media outlets know about the Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel engagement. Benefits of working in PR.

The Amangani is a luxury resort in Jackson Hole. The resort has not posted any related messages on its website or its Twitter feed (which has not been updated in almost a year.)

Stay tuned!