Yandy Smith
Yandy Smith’s friendship with one of her “Love & Hip Hop” cast members may be over. The star is pictured attending VH1 Save The Music 20th Anniversary Gala on Oct. 16, 2017 in New York City. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for VH1 Save The Music

“Love & Hip Hop” stars Yandy Smith and Kimbella Vanderhee are known for being the ultimate besties on the New York franchise of the reality series, but it looks like that could all be over, seeing as the ladies have a hit a rough patch in their friendship.

As of Thursday, Kimbella was no longer following Yandy on Instagram, and Yandy has deleted the post she shared wishing her longtime friend a happy birthday. Although it is unclear when the two begin to have issues in their friendship, the first signs appeared early this week, when Yandy put up several photos of herself and Kimbella.

“No matter where life takes us or how close or far we live from each other, no matter how many break ups to make ups we have...you’ll always be close because you have a very special place in my heart,” she captioned the photos.

Yandy went on to praise Kimbella for being a good friend. “So glad 25 years ago or so, on this day God created you to be here in this world for me to meet. Thank you for all of the laughs, all of the strength and all of those moments of silence when there were no words to be said just hugs. Happy Birthday,” she wrote ending her post.

While the message seemed kind and genuine, Kimbella was quick to point out that her friendship with Yandy wasn’t in a good place. “Yandy how long has it been since we’ve spoken?! You didn’t call or text me for my birthday, but put up this post up because it makes you ‘look good,’” she wrote in the comment section of the photo.

Kimbella went on to hint that she was disappointed with Yandy’s public post considering she has been a loyal friend for many years. “You could have kept this post to ya self or at least text it to me if you really meant it… but again like I said it’s a ‘Good Look’ for you,” she wrote.

This is not the first time Yandy has been called out for posting something on social media for attention. Last week, her longtime partner Mendeecees Harris’ baby mother, Samantha Wallace, called out Yandy for posting photos to gain attention ahead of the reality series’ premiere.

When Yandy and Mendeecees wished his son happy birthday on their individual Instagram accounts, Samantha called them out for being fake. “It is just not enough to wish him a Happy birthday. Every year around this time LHHNY is about to air, all the phoniness come out,” she wrote in a lengthy post accusing them of not being present in her son’s life.

Even though Kimbella used to defend Yandy against Samantha’s harsh words, it seems like these enemies may have found something in common.

Although it looks like this is the end of the road for Yandy and Kimbella’s friendship, the two have gotten over their differences before and could surely do it again. Fans will just have to wait to see if the pair are able to reconcile when “Love & Hip Hop” Season 8 premieres on Monday, Oct. 30 on VH1.