The "Are You The One?" Season 3 cast had a dramatic truth booth ceremony in episode 4 of the MTV series. MTV/Viacom

The success of episode 3’s matchup ceremony had the “Are You the One?” Season 3 cast in high spirits at the start of episode 4, but that mood didn't last long. Cast members of the MTV matchmaking series began to complain about the number of “fake couples” in the house, noting how many choose to stay together even after learning they are not perfect matches.

While some pairs, such as Connor and Kayla, continue their love affairs, new couples also begin to emerge. Alec lets Mike know he's interested in Amanda, and Chuck hits it off with Britni. The duo bond during a half-naked swim. Chuck tells the cameras he's attracted to Britni’s free spirit.

Watch Chuck and Britni's sexy swim together below:

The Challenge

In “Hot Doggy Style,” the couples must work together to navigate a hot dog through a maze using just their mouths. The two pairs who complete the challenge in the fastest times will win spots on the getaway date. Ultimately, host Ryan Devlin awards Chuck and Britni, and Zak and Cheyenne, spots on the nighttime date to swim with manta rays.

Truth Booth

While Chuck and Zak reveal that they feel their respective dates could potentially be their perfect matches, it's still up to the house to decide whom to send into the truth booth. Ultimately, Chuck and Britni are chosen, but Hannah doesn't let her man go without a fight. After Chuck's date, Hannah sneaks into the shower with her former flame. He admits his actions to Britni, and she reacts by verbally slamming Hannah during the truth booth ceremony, calling her the “definition of stupidity.”

Watch Britni tell off Hannah below:

Inside the truth booth, Britni and Chuck are disappointed to learn they are not a perfect match.

“Four weeks in, and all I’ve done is play with my heart -- and where is it getting me?” Chuck says. "Who the f--- are these matchmakers and what the f--- do they decide on? … I’m lost right now.”

Britni has a different reaction to the results, saying she didn’t fully invest her emotions in Chuck and hopes she can move on easily.

Matchup Ceremony

The guys have their pick during episode 4’s matchup ceremony, and just like previous episodes, it's not without some drama. Rashida is visibly emotional when her suspected match, Devin, chooses Hannah as his partner over her. She walks out midceremony, saying she's too sick to continue. She is eventually picked by Hunter.

The matchup ceremony lights reveal there are only two perfect matches present. Devlin says the cast is headed in the wrong direction.

Here’s who chose whom in episode 4:











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