The Season 3 cast of MTV's “Are You the One?” has been unlucky in love and with only two episodes left, it’s officially down to the wire. Will the house find their perfect matches and win the $750,000 prize or will they go home empty-handed and without love? All will be revealed during the two-hour series finale Wednesday, but before episodes 9 and 10 premiere, MTV has released a sneak peek of what viewers can expect from the extended conclusion.

Kiki has repeatedly failed at finding her perfect match on “AYTO?” but in a sneak-peek video from the finale, titled “Never Give Up On Love,” it teases she may have finally found her one true love. The video reveals that Kiki will show interest in Alec, despite his previous connection with Stacey. “Alec, you’re my match,” Kiki says in the clip as Stacey looks on.

After a string of failed romances, including her most notable one with Devin, Kiki explains why she thinks Alec is destined to be her match. “Alec is everything that I know I need and want in a guy,” she says.

While Alec appears to be open to exploring his feelings for Kiki, he makes it clear he doesn’t want to be made a fool like her previous suitors. “I don’t want to be the next person that Kiki just jumps at and is a failed Kiki relationship. There’s a reason why she keeps messing up,” he tells the cameras.

While Alec does not reveal who he plans to sit with during the final matchup ceremony, he does admit he is considering both Stacey and Kiki as his perfect match. “I’ve got a $750,000 decision,” he says.

Watch Kiki tell Alec he’s her perfect match:

While Kiki forms a bond with Alec, her former flame Devin appears to be making a connection of his own. In a second sneak-peek video from the Season 3 finale Devin and Rashida spend one-on-one time together on a boat. Devin says he finds Rashida “fun,” describing her as a “firecracker” with “magnetic” energy.

“I need someone that can accept both sides of my personality,” Devin says.

“I takes a very vibrant, strong woman to be with you,” Rashida admits. When Rashida voices her concerns about his on-again, off-again fling with Kiki, Devin says he doesn’t believe Kiki is the right person for him.

Watch Devin and Rashida bond:


While “AYTO?” viewers will have to wait until Wednesday to learn the Season 3 perfect matches -- so far only one couple, Chelsey and Connor, has been confirmed -- MTV has released the synopsis for the upcoming installment. According to the network's summary, the final episodes will feature tension among the couples as they are “torn between playing 4 love and strategizing 2 win.” The finale is said to finish off with the option of a “coin toss," which will let the house decide their own fate.

The “Are You the One?” two-hour Season 3 finale airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.