The Season 3 cast of MTV’s “Are You the One?” was divided over how they thought they were progressing at the start of episode 8. While some cast members thought that if they came together they could figure out the game, others were not so sure. 

The Challenge

“Ex-tra Dirty Laundry” had several female cast members' ex-boyfriends make cameos. The women were told to watch from a private cabana as the men in the house deciphered whose ex was whose, based on a few clues. The three men to figure out who used to date the mystery guests would win a spot on the getaway date to go spear fishing.

Austin, Nelson and Hunter were awarded the winners. Hunter chose to go out with Amanda, saying he likes her sense of humor. Austin chose Kayla, who had yet to go on a getaway date, and Nelson chose Kiki. 

House Drama

With Kiki unaware of Devin’s plan to play her like a "puppet,” the two continue their love affair. Things get tricky when Devin overhears Kiki talking to cast members about their sex life. When Devin confronts Kiki, she accuses him of previously airing their dirty laundry. Kiki calls Devin a liar and he calls her a hypocrite. Austin points out that their romance clearly isn’t working.

Meanwhile, romantic feelings blossom between Alec and Stacey. After hearing all of the kind things her ex-boyfriend had to say during the challenge, Alec says he feels Stacey could be the one for him. Stacey reveals she did not kiss anyone in the house because she knew Alec would come around. 

The Dates

Kayla is excited to go on her first date and Austin says he’s attracted to her ability to have fun. Nelson tries to impress Kiki but struggles with spear fishing and upsets his potential perfect match by failing to be adventurous. Hunter and Amanda have a heart-to-heart and he tells her that she has always been on the top of his list but that he wishes she would open up more. Amanda says she’s unsure if Hunter is the one for her but that it is clear his intentions are pure.

Truth Booth

The house votes Kiki and Nelson into the truth booth. Kayla is upset over the vote, saying it is clear they’re not meant to be. Kiki agrees after their failed date. Nelson and Kiki are revealed not to be a perfect match, much to the chagrin of the rest of the house. 

Matchup Ceremony

Week eight's matchup ceremony had the men in charge of picking their weekly matches. When Mike picks Melanie instead of Kiki, who had a 1-in-3 chance of being his perfect match, the women voice their displeasure. Mike tells the cameras he didn’t want to pick Kiki because he knew she would go back to Devin and make him look foolish. When Tyler, another one of Kiki's perfect-match candidates, doesn't chose her, the house forfeits its chance to get 10 perfect beams. Kiki ends up having to sit with Austin, a person who was already confirmed to not be her perfect match. Ultimately, the beams show that only two additional perfect matches are present. 

Here’s who chose who in episode 8:

Connor-Chelsey (confirmed)










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