Like several other couples, Stephen and Julia learned theyre not a perfect match on Mondays Are You the One? Next weeks two-hour finale will see the Season 4 contestants struggle with the idea theyre not meant to be.

A sneak peek for MTVs episodes 9 and 10 shows Stephen and Julia hashing out their plans for their future in the house. While Julia seems content with the idea of letting Stephen go to find his real match, Stephen makes it clear breaking up will leave him heartbroken. They end their talk with Stephen giving Julia an ultimatum.

It sucks,Julia says through tears. This whole experience is just overwhelming. Stephen brought the positive side of me out but in the same way it kind of prevented us from maybe finding out who our real perfect match is.

Stephen says he knows Julia will probably walk away from their relationship but lets her know he will not be OK if she does. If you walk away you will hurt me, he warns. You either give me your hands or you dont, he says as he reaches for her. The clip shows her toying with the idea of grabbing his hands, but not making a decision.

Will Julia choose to stay with Stephen or will she try to find her real match? Viewers will have to wait to find out during the final matchup ceremony, which promises to be a bumpy ride. The synopsis reveals the house will stick with strategy in the quest to win the money after episode 8s blackout, but not everyone will be onboard with not following their hearts. Strategy leads the group to believe in one set of matches but Asaf struggles between following his heart and being a team player, the summary shares.


The episode wont be all tears and drama, though. A second sneak peek (above) shows the cast engaging in a friendly rap battle. After letting Tori know he wont go easy on her, Gio is shown rapping about how he hopes the cast wins the prize money so Tori can get a boob job. During Toris turn she uses the other women in the house as backup and blow his routine out of the water by saying theyve seen him crying with his third eye.

The Season 4 finale of Are You the One? airs Monday, Aug. 15, at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.