Episode 8 did not end well for the “Are You the One?” Season 4 cast. After the matchup ceremony revealed there were no new perfect matches present, some solid couples learned they were not meant to be. Find out who sat together on Monday’s matchup ceremony on the MTV series and who visited the truth booth.

Julia + Stephen

Despite the chaos in the house following the latest matchup, Julia tells Stephen she’s happy with him. Stephen says he thinks its obvious Julia is his match. During their talk, they overhear their co-stars talking about them and how they haven’t kissed yet. Julia says kissing is more intimate for her than sex and she’s waiting for the perfect moment.

The Challenge

Host Ryan Devlin drops a bombshell on the male contestants — revealing their exes are present and will be playing “Did You Guys Really Think I Wasn’t Gonna Bring Your Exes Here?” The game has the former partners answering questions about their relationship, with the top two finishers who answer the most questions correctly winning a spot on the getaway date.

Going into the challenge, Stephen says he has to win in order to stop Gio from taking Julia on a date. Despite his desire to win, Gio takes the lead in the game and Julia gets worried, knowing full-well Gio wants to take her out. Ultimately, Gio and John win. John picks Kaylen as his date and, of course, Gio chooses Julia. Gio tells the cameras Stephen should be worried, hinting he and Julia might be headed for the honeymoon suite.

Back at the house, Julia vents to Stephen she’s worried about her date. Julia wants the house to send her and Gio into the truth booth to find out the truth but Stephen says he doesn’t want to risk it. Other house guests says they have more confidence in John and Kaylen and want them to go into the truth booth.


Feelings continue to form between Prosper and Emma and Tori and Morgan. Tori says seeing Morgan’s ex’s comments about their relationship makes her like him more. Francesca and Asaf also continue their flirtation. Asaf says he wants to spend every moment with Francesca and they share a kiss in the pool.

The Dates

Gio says his date with Julia is his one and only chance to get close to her. During their water sports excursion he gets touchy feely, and Kaylen notices Julia is uncomfortable. Julia confirms to Gio if they do go to the honeymoon suite they will be sleeping in separate beds.

“If I leave her without you I leave with nothing,” Gio tells Julia, saying he didn’t come on the show for the prize money, but for love. Julia says she thinks Gio’s connection with her is purely physical and there are more important things that come first. Gio goes on to insult her relationship with Stephen, saying he thinks it has plateaued already.

Truth Booth

Back at the house, Gio tells Ryan he thinks he was “robbed” during their date because it didn’t go well. Still, he says he believes Julia is his match.

While the house was initially divided over who to send into the truth booth, the votes reveal they decided to send in Gio and Julia. John gets upset when he learns he won’t be able to go to the honeymoon suite with Kaylen, saying he knows Gio and Julia are not mean to be. Stephen admits he sent in Gio and Julia, wanting to end the drama with Gio. Stephen says if he ends up being wrong, his heart will still be with Julia

Inside the house Stephen is visibly nervous, but he’s instantly relieved when the screen reveals Gio and Julia are not a perfect match. Gio, on the other hand, crumbles to the ground when he learns the truth. Julia comforts him and lets him know there is someone out there for him.

“I feel empty,” a solemn Gio tells the cameras. “I feel like I gave so much to this experience, to this house. I have nothing left to give, even if I wanted to.”

Aftermath & A Kiss

When Gio and Julia go back into the house John tells Gio he should apologize for “wasting” a truth booth, but Gio refuses to fulfill John’s request. Julia says with only two truth booths left, the house can’t waste anymore visits.

During some alone time Julia thanks Stephen for standing by her side. She says she knows he is her perfect match and they share a kiss. “I just feel amazing,” Julia says. “I almost had to go through that to see Stephen how I see Stephen right now.”

Matchup Ceremony

Ahead of the ceremony, Morgan suggests they go with strategy and have everyone sit with different players. Morgan says their best bet is to keep Asaf and Camille together so they don’t blackout. The plan doesn’t sit well with Stephen, who wants to be with Julia.

At the ceremony, Gio tells Stephen he doesn’t harbor any hard feelings. During Stephen’s turn at the podium he says his kiss with Julia was worth the wait. Despite the house’s plan to sit with different people, Stephen believes he and Julia have been a beam and he chooses to sit with her. Morgan worries Stephen’s lack of participation could screw up their chances of getting beams.

After a long wait, no new beams of light are revealed and Ryan tells the housemates they have blacked out. Victoria screams in upset that they just lost $250,000 and everyone else is also visibly upset, especially several solid couples in the house. “We’re not a match,” Julia sadly tells Stephen. Asaf, who has had a long connection with Camille, also runs off.

Here’s who chose who in episode 8: