The Stephen-Julia-Gio love triangle will continue in episode 8 of “Are You the One?” Season 4. MTV

“Are You the One?” is designed to help those terrible at love look deeper within themselves to find their true mates. So far in Season 4 there have only been two confirmed matches, but one cast member thinks he’s found the real deal.

Gio made it clear in episode 4 that he thinks Julia could be his perfect match, despite her connection with Stephen. Monday’s episode showed Gio become more aggressive in his approach to pursue Julia – his feelings for her even resulting in an all-out brawl with Stephen during episode 7’s matchup ceremony and a promise he’ll win a challenge to take her on a date – but are they meant to be?

While MTV has not revealed whether the co-stars are a confirmed match, the promo for episode 8 shows they will go on a flirtatious date. “I want you,” Gio is shown admitting to Julia in the preview. While Julia wouldn’t even let Gio touch her in episode 7, it appears she’ll get use to the idea of him being her match while on their outing.

“Stephen should be really worried,” Gio goes on to tell the cameras with a smile. He also hints they may be headed to the honeymoon suite, saying, “Say goodbye to both of us.”

So, how did Gio land alone time with his No. 1 lady? It looks like episode 8’s challenge will involve the guys’ exes. Gio seems to be getting along well with his first connection in the house and failed match Kaylen, so perhaps Gio also has a good connection with his former flame too.

Luckily for Gio, it won’t just be a date he gets with Julia. The midseason trailer (above) for “AYTO?” reveals the two will also visit the truth booth. The trailer doesn’t show the truth booth result, but does show Stephen looking somewhat relieved.

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