Love triangles, new hookups and a handful of fights were just some of the happenings on Monday night’s “Are You the One?” Find out which MTV Season 4 cast members visited the truth booth in episode 7 and if a new perfect match was revealed. 

New Connections

The house tries to figure out who to send into the truth booth next and Emma says she thinks she and John or Victoria and Cam could have been a beam at a past matchup ceremony. Meanwhile, John begins to flirt with someone else. He and Nicole take a dance lesson together. Emma says she’s getting mixed singles from John, who she admits she thinks is ugly, and wants him to stop leading her on. Emma vents her frustrations to Prosper, who tells to the cameras he’s interested in her.

The Challenge

Host Ryan Devlin announces the teams will be playing “At Least Buy Me Dinner First,” a game which requires the men and women to work together to get poles into corresponding holes. Going into the couple’s challenge, Cam says Victoria will be angry with him if he doesn’t win because she wants to go on a date. Ryan says two couples can win, but only the first-place winners will receive a getaway date.

Morgan and Tori lock in first and celebrate their big win. Cam and Victoria come in second, just barely beating Asaf and Francesca. After telling the winning team they will going on a convertible ride together, Ryan announces to the cast they’ll all be attending an Adam and Eve party to help bring them closer together. Nicole says the party will definitely shake things up and possibly results in a few new couples in the house.

Adam & Eve Party

The drama begins when John says he’s turned off by Emma’s “resting b----- face.” When he sees Nicole, he says he feeds off her positive energy. Nicole makes it known she’s not interested in him because he annoys her, but she still shares a kiss with him on the dance floor.

Emma vents to Prosper when she sees John and Nicole hookup. She labels Nicole as the weirdest girl in the house and a “soccer mom.” When Prosper tells Emma to get over it, she admits she’s bitter. When Emma asks why he’s upset by her comments, he admits his feelings. “I want you so bad,” he says as Emma looks on shocked.

Emma tells the cameras she wasn’t originally attracted to Prosper but he’s growing on her. They soon after share a kiss.

Elsewhere on the dance floor, Kaylen and Tyler continue to connect. Tyler tells Kaylen he feels he needs a girl exactly like her and Kaylen says its a possibility they could be a match.

Despite winning a challenge with Victoria, Cam continues to flirt with other girls in the house. Victoria calls it frustrating that he’s not on he same page as her. When Victoria speaks to him alone she admits she wants him to smother her, but he says that’s not the way he is. Cam storms off when Victoria rolls her eyes at his feelings about their situation and she chases after him. Victoria cries when he realizes she can’t except herself, and says she needs to work on her communication skills.

Gio-Julia Drama Continues

Back at the house, Gio goes to Kaylen and asks her to help him speak to Julia, who he believes to be his perfect match. When it comes time for the talk, Stephen is also present and Julia refuses to get too close to Gio. When Gio realizes Julia won’t hold his hand, he tells Julia she “doesn’t deserve it” but Kaylen does. Julia seems unfazed by his decision to walk away but Gio is clearly upset. He is shown smashing things on the ground, being held back by his room mates and admitting he feels humiliated.

The Date

Morgan and Tori set off in their convertible up the mountain side. Morgan says she feels fortunate to be able to get on a date with Tori and have the connection they have. When they stop for a meal, Morgan admits it was hard for him to open up about his feelings in the beginning. Morgan gifts Tori a turtle necklace and Tori ponders the idea that maybe she deserves a nice guy.

Truth Booth

Despite Morgan and Tori’s strong connection the house votes to send in Cam and Victoria to the truth booth. Victoria admits she’s more scared than excited about finding out the truth about their relationship. And she had good reason to be as she soon after finds out they’re not a perfect match. 

 “I have nothing to work with now,” she complains. Newly single Cam says he’s OK with the idea of opening up to another woman the house.

Later that night, John makes it known he has feelings for Kaylen. He says he likes a girl that can put him in his place and someone with nice eyes. Tyler gets upset when he overhears their conversation, especially following John’s recent hookup with Nicole.

Inside the house, Tyler tells John to leave “his match” alone. When John accuses Tyler of being a know-it-all, he calls his co-star “trash.” Kaylen lets Tyler know she’s not happy with his actions, but the fighting continues.

“Call me trash one more time and I’m going to throw you across this f---ing house,” John warns, and Tyler does just that. When John runs up to Tyler the camera loses control and Tyler is shown laying on the ground. “He’s lucky I just pushed him,” John says.

Matchup Ceremony

The Gio-Julia-Stephen love triangle rears its head at the matchup ceremony. It all begins when Emma decides to go with a “wild card” match and pick Gio. At the podium he questions her pick and she says they have a “decent friendship.” Gio slams Emma for not having a more “educated guess.” When Emma says she’s aware Gio thinks Julia is his match, Stephen makes it clear Gio knows just as much about Emma as he does Julia.

Gio responds by telling Stephen he doesn’t think he and Julia’s souls match. He goes on to claim he’s the only person playing with his third eye and his spirit. Stephen then reminds Gio he promised he wouldn’t get in between him and Julia until their relationship ended, and gets up to prove his point. Gio gets in Stephen’s face in response and some other housemates intervene.

When Stephen and Gio try to get out of the hold the cast member’s have on them Stephen appears to fall into some furniture, breaking it, and Ryan says they need to shut it down. Kaylen later accuses Gio of pushing her. Gio leaves the ceremony, but soon after returns and says he’s OK.

During Julia’s turn at the podium she tells Ryan she doesn’t understand Gio’s feelings for her. Gio tells Julia he will win a challenge and get her into the truth booth to figure out once and fore all if they’re a match.  (And according to the new, midseason trailer that definitely will happen!)

When it comes time to see how many perfect matches there are Cameron worries about a potential blackout, which would result in the cast losing $250,000 of their shared $1 million prize. His worries are quelled when two new beams of light are revealed, making for four perfect matches.

Here’s who chose who in episode 7:

Mikala-Cameron (Confirmed)

Alyssa-Sam (Confirmed)